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2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Planet's Review of 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek:
 What's New? 



This page compares 2015 Subaru Crosstrek with 2014 Subaru Crosstrek. 

Planet's Executive Summary

We expect arrival of the 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek at Planet in January, 2015.  This is late for a Subaru introduction; they typically occur during the previous summer and sometimes as early as the previous spring.  Since we opened in 1998, we don't remember ever waiting until the calendar turned to see a new model.  We anticipate that Subaru will be making some modest changes to the car requiring additional time for engineering. 

Years ago, Subaru called its high-riding, rugged Impreza model the "Outback Sport."  When introducing the all-new Impreza in 2012, Subaru took a year off from offering a beefed-up version.  For 2013, Subaru introduced the Crosstrek--an Impreza-based compact crossover with more ground clearance, moderate off-road capability, more equipment, and a tougher appearance than the Impreza. 

Impreza is due for a "mid-cycle refresh" for the 2015 model year, and because it shares a large majority of components with the Crosstrek, we expect Subaru to update the 2015 Crosstrek at the same time.  (We expect the 2015 Impreza introduction in November, 2014).   

has been building and studying the performance of this generation Impreza since it was introduced in calendar year 2011 and the Crosstrek since it was introduced in calendar year 2012.  When making changes, they evaluate all the data they have gathered, including customer feedback, warranty claims, and crash tests looking for tweaks that will improve performance and reliability.

You won't see huge changes in the 2015 Crosstrek, but we expect you will be able to tell the difference both inside and out. 


Changes to Crosstrek: 2015 vs 2014


 Why do we think?

Back up Camera will likely be standard on all 2015 Crosstreks.

Currently, only "Limited" models or those with navigation offer a back up camera. 

Visibility out of a Crosstrek is outstanding, rivaled only by the  best-in-class Subaru Forester, so you don't really need the camera.  But it's a nifty safety feature if you have a kid or a drooling dog running around your driveway, and it sure helps when parking in Boston.  The federal government has been working on rules requiring all cars to have rear vision cameras.  Subaru is getting ahead of the regulations. 

Subaru Eyesight will still not likely be offered on Crosstrek. 
Currently, Subaru offers its acclaimed driver assistance system only on Forester, Legacy, and Outback--all larger and more expensive cars.  We don't expect to see it on Crosstrek until the full model change expected in 2017. 

Current generation
Eyesight cameras.

When Subaru introduces new technologies, it usually offers them on its most expensive models. For example, Subaru offered its Vehicle Dynamics Control in 2001 only on the most expensive trim level of the Outback.  By 2009, it was standard on every Subaru.  You'll eventually see Subaru Eyesight on a Crosstrek, but not this soon.  

Standard Engine and published gas mileage will likely remain substantially unchanged.
Pictured right:  2.0 Liter Boxer four cylinder with 148 horsepower.  Gasoline Crosstrek is already the second most fuel-efficient crossover sold in America; first is the Crosstrek Hybrid, which was just introduced for 2014 and won't change substantially.

Current 2014 model:
Continuously variable
automatic transmission:
25 city, 33 highway

5 Speed manual
23 city, 30 highway

Hybrid with
Continuously variable
automatic transmission:
29 city, 33 highway

During a mid-cycle refresh, Subaru will often make minor changes such as reprogramming the software to wring out a little incremental power and fuel economy.  Subaru will not change the displacement or make any major hardware changes on 2015 Crosstrek. 

Suspension will likely be revised.  

Suspension from current model.

Subaru typically makes suspension changes during the mid-cycle refresh, potentially including spring rates, steering ratios, and sway bar thickness.  After seeing the car perform for several years in the real world, they perfect the handling.  

New Colors

(Yes, that iridescent "Plasma Green" is a real color available on the hybrid).  Subaru almost always tinkers with a shade or two and often substitutes one color for another.  This keeps the car looking fresh without spending a lot of money. 


2014 Crosstrek Colors
 and Upholstery

Lately, you can rely on white and black, and some shade of blue, silver, dark grey, and red.  Subaru will usually lighten or saturate the red and blue, and usually substitute a whole new color for one of the slower selling colors. 

Power seat will likely appear in Limited models.

A power seat option has never previously been offered on a Crosstrek. 

The sports car that Subaru builds from the Impreza and Crosstrek platform, the WRX, gets the first-ever power seat on any stateside Impreza-derived vehicle.  If Subaru has it engineered and safety-tested, why not put it on the upper-trim Crosstrek models too? 

Interior will be very similar.

We expect to see new interior bits like those shown in the 2015 WRX photo to the right...perhaps new gauges, a new display screen above center stack, and new trim pieces.  (The pictured flat bottomed steering wheel, carbon fiber trim, and metal pad kit will not appear on Crosstrek).


2015 WRX interior


During the mid-cycle refresh, Subaru updates the look of the interior to keep it up to date.  

Headlights and Taillights
The pictures to the right belong to Subaru's Viziv concept car, but cues from Subaru's concept cars often appear on production models.  2015 Crosstrek styling won't look this techno-brutal, but we expect a protruding grill and more aggressive lighting modules.



Subaru almost always changes headlights and taillights during the mid-cycle refresh because they really change the look of the car without requiring expensive sheet metal redevelopment.

We expect Subaru to get kinky with a little sheetmetal.

Changing the metal on a car is expensive for a manufacturer, especially the major structural areas such as door position and roof structure.  Smaller changes are feasible.

2015 WRX Sedan

2014 Crosstrek

Subaru occasionally makes a few sheetmetal changes during mid-cycle refreshes.  Because the WRX gets the new kink at the rear window, we expect the Crosstreks to follow, perhaps as soon as 2015. 

Oil Change Interval changes from 7,500 miles to 6,000 miles for 2015 Crosstrek.

See current maintenance page.

CONFIRMED.  Subaru announced that all 2015 models should be serviced every 6,000 miles or six months.


Price will likely rise about $200 on 2015 Crosstrek.
See Current Crosstrek Models and Pricing.

2014 model.  That's Blue behind the wheel.

Subaru almost always makes small annual price increases, usually less than the rate of inflation, which is
remarkable considering that they typically add more content too. 

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