Planet Subaru

596 Washington Street
Directions Hanover, MA 02339

  • Sales: (888) 534-2725
  • Service: 781-826-9910
  • Parts: 781-826-1103

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Planet Facility Photo Gallery

An eclectic variety of Planet Subaru photos....

This is the outside of the of the building before we started recycling the building in 2002.  It was an Autozone Parts store. 

This is the outside of building during recycling.

This is the inside of the building before we started recycling.  That's Aunt Lenny walking around. 

Here is the showroom filled with new cars.

This is the inside of the showroom during recycling.

We see this same pair of geese (at least we think it's the same pair of geese) every year in the spring.  They spend a few weeks with us.  They root around in the fields next to the building and walk around the parking lot. 

This is our service lounge.  The doors in the back lead to the child play room and customer office. 

These are wild turkeys pooping on cars. 

This sign appears on our parking lot. 

This is a praying mantis on a Subaru.

Here's an aerial shot of the facility with all the solar panels visible on the roof. 

Planet Subaru.  Your unDealership.