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Planet Passport Program

FREE with purchase of every new or qualifying pre-owned Planet Subaru

FREE Loaners
Take a "Lunar Car" (we're
Planet Subaru,
remember?) for every scheduled maintenance
service, including oil changes.  And these aren't
old hoopties...every vehicle in our large fleet is a
brand new Subaru.  

FREE Car Washes
Complimentary hand wash, vacuum,
and water recycling 
even when your
car isn't in for service.


FREE Tires for Life 
When your tires wear out, we pay for them along with wheel weights, valve stems, tire recyclingand labor-- 
for the life of the vehicle.  The air is free too, but not the dog.  

FREE Batteries for Life
We pay parts, labor, and recycling for
the life of the vehicle.

FREE Powertrain Warranty
10 year, 150,000 mile, no-deductible,
limited powertrain warranty.

Three Minute Overview Video

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What cars are eligible?

All new Planet Subaru vehicles, plus current or one-model-year-old pre-owned Subarus with less than 15,000 miles.

Do customers really get free tires?

Yes!  Planet Subaru spent well over $100,000 replacing worn tires last year! Since the program started in 2004, we have spent over a MILLION dollars paying for free tires, free loaners, free car washes, free batteries, and free powertrain repairs! That's enough money to pay Dr. Evil's ransom for the world in full. In just the last 12 months, Planet replaced over 800 tires!  That's over 200 Planet Passport customers who have received four new tires, valve stems, wheel weights, installation, and recycling of the old tires  

Do any other dealerships offer the Passport Program?

Can you imagine?  No.  It's a Planet exclusive.  We just have a totally different vision of the car business.  It represents a long term commitment to customers that our competitors are not willing to make.  They think we're nuts, which we consider as proof of the wisdom of offering the program.  

So your prices are higher?

No! In the last ten years, we have more than doubled our annual vehicle sales volume, one loyal customer at a time, from about 750 cars per year to almost 2,000.  And our service prices are competitive with other dealers even though they don't offer the Passport Program.  We have one of the highest volume service departments out of 64 New England Subaru dealers.  We make a lot less profit per customer than our competitors, but we have a lot more customers.  So we have a lot more income to grow the business and reinvest in the community. 

Don't I live too far away to service with you?

Your 2015 and later Subaru only requires service every 6,000 miles...for the average driver, that's only a couple of services per year.  And we're less than an hour from anywhere in Boston.  And we give you a nice car to use.  You might have another Subaru dealership a little closer, but none offer what we do!

What's the catch?

There is no catch. Of course you do need to buy your car at Planet and service your car with us in accordance with the program guidelines. For example, we have a fleet of brand new Subaru "Lunar Cars" in orbit (currently 12 of them) but you do need to schedule one in advance. For complete details, see a Purchase Partner.

What if I accidentally bought my Subaru at another dealership, can I purchase the program?

Yes, it's $1,195.



Planet provides loaner cars, batteries, tires, warranties, and car washes to those on the North Shore, South Shore, Metrowest, and the whole Boston metro area.