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Subaru currently builds a gas/electric Crosstrek known as a "plug-in hybrid electric vehicle" (PHEV), but not an all-electric "battery electric vehicle" (BEV). But you won't have to wait long!

Subaru is extremely tight-lipped with its future product plans, but has officially announced that they will sell a BEV within the next few years. Subaru is a relatively small manufacturer and doesn't have huge R&D budgets like some of the larger automakers such as Toyota. Fortunately, Toyota owns about 20% of Subaru stock, so the automakers share technology. (They jointly developed the Subaru BRZ, a low-volume rear-wheel-drive sports coupe that Toyota sells under the "GT86" badge.)

Because electric vehicles need more space below decks for batteries and less room up front for an engine (see cutaway above), they require a special chassis that differs from those used for fossil burners. Subaru and Toyota are developing this new "platform" together, and each will use it to underpin various models sold in the future.

By 2030, Subaru expects 40% of its sales will be hybrid or all-electric vehicles. And by the mid-2030s, every Subaru product line will offer a hybrid or electric version.

Enjoy our April Fools spoofs about a hybrid BRZ and solar-powered Tribeca that will never get built! Or if you can't wait a few years for an electric vehicle, check out our current inventory below.

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