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Subaru Crosstrek compared to Subaru Impreza

"What is the difference between Crosstrek and Impreza?" 

 Subaru Crosstrek Premium
Subaru Impreza Hatchback



All new Crosstreks and Imprezas come standard with:
  • Many safety features, including full-time all wheel drive  (with no buttons to push), Vehicle Dynamics Control  (VDC) to prevent skids, anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, and much more.  See our Planet-exclusive Subaru Safety page. 
  • Many convenience features, including Bluetooth hands-free phone and audio connectivity, air conditioning, keyless entry, cd player, power windows, power mirrors, and much more.
  • The utility and all-weather prowess of a sport utility vehicle without the sacrifices in cost, fuel economy, ride, and poor outward visibility.

All new Crosstreks and Imprezas purchased at Planet come standard with:


The Crosstrek has the underpinnings of the previous generation Impreza 2.0i Sport wagon so it's similar in interior measurements and outside dimensions to the Impreza, which is all new for 2017.   They both have a 2.0 liter engine and are both available with a manual or automatic transmission.  Think of the Crosstrek as a souped-up, blinged-out Impreza.  Subaru took an Impreza Sport and added:

  • Raised suspension;
  • Unique and more aggressive-looking bumpers and grill;
  • Murdered-out 17-inch silver/black alloys wheels;
  • Wheel arch cladding;
  • Black rocker spoiler;
  • Privacy glass
  • Upgraded rear differential for towing up to 1,500 pounds.  (Subaru does not recommend towing with an Impreza). 



Crosstrek orange, Impreza red

Ground Clearance and Dimensions

Crosstrek has almost three inches more ground clearance, and it's about four inches taller, so it will better elude obstacles.  People with less flexibility say they find it easier to get in and out of the Crosstrek because it sits a little higher.  Width, length, and interior dimensions are very similar.



Both have seven!
  • Two front airbags (deploy from the steering wheel or dashboard);
  • Two airbags (deploy from the edge of the seats);
  • Two curtain airbags, (deploy downward from the roof protecting all four outboard occupants);
  • Plus a bonus airbag that deploys below the steering wheel to protect the driver's knees. 

At some point, we expect Subaru to invent the
Packing Peanuts Personal Protection Package,
which will fill the entire interior with packing
peanuts in an accident.




Ride Quality
Subaru raised the suspension on the Crosstrek so it has more "travel" up and down over bumps.  "Travel" is just a fancy way of saying that there is more space for the suspension to compress, which results in a more compliant ride.  "Travel" also allows a little more body roll in corners, however, so the Impreza performs better on the track. 

There's more "dead cat
space" between the top of the
tire and the bottom of the
wheel well.  (That's the
technical industry term,
believe it or not.)


Even though we hired a dog as
our greeter, we really do love
cats.  Tires aren't as fat on the Impreza.


Ride Height

You sit a few inches higher in the Crosstrek, which gives you a  "command driving position" (the auto industry term that describes that great feeling of sitting high in a vehicle so you can see what's ahead.)   Because of the boxer engine design that Subaru uses, however, the center of mass in the vehicle sits quite low so both vehicles handle quite nimbly and are very unlikely to roll over.


You can see the cars in front of the Crosstrek a little better from the driver's seat

View from the Impreza is more
like a regular car. 


Comparably equipped, the Crosstrek is about $1,500 more, which buys you everything described in the executive summary above. 


Image Perception

Customers tell us that the Crosstrek looks more like a small sport utility vehicle and the Impreza looks like a sporty station wagon.  Similar to the difference between hiking boots and running shoes?  You be the judge.


Engines and Fuel Economy
Both have 2.0 liter four cylinder engine but Impreza gets 4 extra horsepower to 152. 
Impreza enjoys superior fuel economy because of better aerodynamics (closer to the ground).  Impreza is the most fuel efficent all wheel drive vehicle in America

Continuously variable
auto transmission
26 city, 34 highway

Five-speed manual:
23 city, 30 highway

Fuel tank:  15.9 gallons

26 city, 34 highway

Continuously variable
auto transmission

Five-speed manual:
25 city, 33 highway

Fuel tank:  14.5 gallons

City Highway
2.0i Sedan
28 38
2.0i Sport Sedan 27 36
2.0i 5-Door
28 37
2.0i Sport 5-Door 27 35

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