Do you need temporary hand controls to test drive a Subaru at Planet?

Planet Subaru makes reasonable accommodations for vehicle buyers who need temporary hand controls to test drive one of our vehicles.

  • Procedure: we will meet with you, assess your vehicle needs to identify the vehicle you desire, and learn about the temporary hand controls you require. We will schedule a convenient follow-up appointment after we are able to obtain the appropriate equipment and have a certified technician install it. (We will make reasonable efforts to modify the vehicle to suit your needs, but depending on the level of modification required, we might not be able to satisfy every request).
  • Additional benefit: if you ultimately purchase a new Subaru, we will assist you with obtaining a reimbursement up to $1,000 for the cost of permanent controls through our Planet Specialized Mobility Program.

To access these services, please call or email to schedule a convenient advance appointment with one of our managers: Nate Roman, James Greene, Jaime McGuinness, Klaire Perkins, or Ryan Mak.

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