Over ten years, Planet has donated $292,435 to Standish! 

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2021: $37,250




2020: $28,275


2019: $23,250
Subaru New England District Sales Manager Kate Mason, Planet Managing Partner
Dale Lathrop, Purchase Partner Klaire Perkins,


Standish President Julie Salamone, Planet General Manager Dale Lathrop,
Planet Purchase Partner (and Standish volunteer) Klaire Perkins, and
Board Member Jen Case Pouliot. Dawgs are Blue, Pabst, and Milo.

2017: $43,703

Julie Salamone, Klaire Perkins, and Subaru New England District Sales
Manager Ken Scanzio. Kittens are Frederick, Flossy, and Franklin.


2016: $48,433

Klaire Perkins, Ken Scanzio, Standish Executive Director Nancy Cullen,
 and Assistant Greeter Molly.

2015:  $37,481
Ken Scanzio, Nancy Cullen, Jeff Morrill, and Head Greeter, Blue.



  Jeff Morrill and Nancy Cullen.
What does Standish do with the money?
Traditionally, shelters find homes for surrendered and abandoned dogs and cats. Planet Subaru is helping Standish pioneer a new frontier in reducing animal homelessness by intervening before surrender or abandonment occur. Too many owners give up their pets because they don't have the financial resources to care for their animals. Planet's donations enabled Standish to create the Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund to help owners keep their pets in the homes where they already live. Standish also uses the funds to accept and place unadopted animals from the south, where shelters are more crowded.

Why Planet loves Standish:  
  • 90 cents of every dollar donated go directly to care for the animals.
  • They annually place an average of 345 cats and kittens in "forever homes."
  • They annually provide spay/neuter services for an average of 720 cats and dogs to reduce pet overpopulation.
  • They annually provide an average of $45,000 for subsidies for spay/neuter services.
  • They've been caring for animals on the South Shore for almost fifty years!

Photo gallery:
A few Standish Humane Society members with their Subarus from Planet.  Standish Board Member and Planet Subaru Purchase Partner, Klaire Perkins, is second from left.


A few cats adopted by Planet team members...from left: River, Simon, and Hocus Pocus.

Planet's Greeter, Blue, with THREE tennis balls, 
at Doggiepawlooza, an annual Standish fundraiser