StarTex is the registered trade name of Subaru's high-performance, non-leather, interior upholstery material.  
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the environmental advantages of StarTex?
  • Raising cows to make seats creates many environmental problems. Animal agriculture uses and pollutes a lot of water, accelerates global warming, and increases deforestation. StarTex is chemically produced, and the manufacture of it has some environmental impacts, but it is a much more responsible choice than leather. And the cows definitely prefer it!
So it's good for the animals, what about me?
  • StarTex is much more durable. Like modern high-performance outerwear, it repels water but still "breathes." It stands up to repeated washings and the generally hostile treatment to which many active Subaru owners subject their interiors. StarTex also has less mass than leather, slightly reducing the weight of the car.
What is StarTex made of?
  • StarTex is a polyurethane, which is a synthetic plastic. The backing of the material is made of 25% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which you might recognize as "PET" from plastic water bottles.

What does it feel like?
  • You're probably already familiar with the material because many manufacturers, including Subaru, use something very similar to cover surfaces in the car that emulate leather, including center console covers and interior door panels. In the close-up picture above, you can see that Subaru simulated the texture of an actual hide, so most people would never even know it's not leather.

What Subaru vehicles come with StarTex?

Are all these models free of all leather?
  • No, the steering wheel and shift knob are wrapped with leather in most of the vehicles. If you want a full "vegan" interior, choose the base model, which comes with cloth seats and no leather elsewhere in the car. We have several vegetarians on the Planet team who can help you sort through the options.

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