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  • Blue

    Blue was born in Muncie, Indiana and resides in Weymouth.  He's a Silver Lab, and looks kinda brown, so don't ask us why his companion, General Manager Dale Lathrop, named him "Blue."

    Most everybody asks if he is a Weimarainer, but he is in fact a Labrador Retriever. 
    He always maintains a pawsitive attitude about his job, even after a ruff day trying to find people who will throw a ball for him.  He doesn't bite but he does have a Licker License, and he's not afraid to use it, especially if you smell like peanut butter.  Oh, and his favorite car is the Outback waggin'. 

    Joined Planet:  2010

  • Kendra Barilaro
    Service Specialist

    Kendra was born in Hanson and resides there to this day.  She attends Bridewater State University where she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications.

    She has owned her own horse since she was 12 years young, a Welsh/Conammara mix named Star because of its lone Texas-shaped blaze. If you need to hoof it in to Planet at the spur of the moment, you'll appreciate Kendra's unbridled enthusiasm!

    Kendra has a very rare genetic inheritance enjoyed by a tiny percentage of people--she has only one dimple. Growing up, this protected at least one cheek from all those old aunts who loved to pinch dimples at family reunions!

  • Lauri Blaauboer
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x142

    Lauri was born in New York and now lives in Plymouth.  (Her name is pronounced just like it looks, if you speak Dutch.)  Lauri's name has more vowels than anyone on the Planet team (eight) and that's before you factor her middle name (Eileen) for a bonus four.  Curiously, her folks left the "e" off of Lauri. 

    Lauri is very unlike the typical salesman.  Before joining Planet Subaru, Lauri owned an art gallery.  She is a self described "artistic, free-spirited hippy chick."  Though she currently commutes in a Subaru Forester, she also rides her motorcycle and a unicycle (but not at the same time).

    Joined Planet:  2010

  • Deb Brewster
    Internet Director
    781-826-4444 x144

    Deb Brewster, Internet Sales Manager, lives in Plymouth with her husband.   Deb holds a Masters Degree in Biochemistry. 

    Until a promotion to Internet Director in 2015, she was the #1 volume saleswoman of new Subaru vehicles in New England every year since 2005. 

    The typical dealership measures sales team tenure in months; at Planet we measure in decades.  Deb joined us in 2003.  Prior, Deb owned her own business as a doula helping mothers through childbirth.  (Deb really loves to "help people out.")

    We asked Deb to join our team after she bought a Forester to transport her rowing shell.    She is representative of the Planet philosophy of attracting team members from outside the car business. 

    Deb was recognized on the front page of the Automotive section of the Boston Globe for her unusual path to success.  Click here to read the feature.

    Deb leases an Outback.

  • Ashley Brooks
    Subaru Technician

    Ashley was born in Wareham and resides in Bridgewater.

    Even though she grew up with a father who worked on cars, Ashley became a technician almost by accident--she owned a Pontiac that broke a lot, and getting to work required her to fix it. She discovered that she was good at it and she enjoyed it too.

    At home she stays busy chasing her young son and a German Shepherd mix named Lady. She loves roller coasters, and photography, because it keeps her focused on the big picture even when she has to deal with a lot of crop.

  • Roberta Bullock
    Accounting Specialist
    781-826-4444 x141

    Roberta was born in Boston, grew up in Norwell, and now resides in Pembroke. 

    Before she "did the books" in the Accounting Office at Planet, she "did books" at the Pembroke Public Library.  She handled the transition well, but is still getting used to our one-floor building after coming from a workplace with so many "stories!"

    Here's a true story:  she won her bright red car after entering a mail-in sweepstakes.  When she went to pick it up, it had a hood ornament in the shape of a sauce bottle!   

  • Paulette Caron-Andreas
    Service Assistant

    Paulette was born in Fall River and now resides in Mansfield.

    A coastal native, it's no surprise she loves all things marine.  She won a wristwatch in a fishing contest at age 6, and took her first solo trip on an O'Day sailboat at age 13.  Paulette and her husband fished on the Westport River during their courtship.

    Paulette earned her B.A. from Stonehill College, and she has pursued a few different career paths, including stay-at-home mom and legal assistant.  She worked almost a decade as a dental hygienist.  Why did she move on?  "I had cleaned the teeth of over 13,000 patients, and I asked myself, what else can I do with my life other than prophylaxis?!"  It was just the same "grind," day after day.  It just wasn't "full filling" anymore! 

    She made us smile when she joined the Planet team, and you'll really appreciate her flossify of putting the customer first!

  • Scott Chandler
    Purchase Partner

    Scott is a native of Marshfield and still lives there with his two boys, who are seventeen months apart in age, and close enough in size to lead the casual observer to think that they are twins.  He insists they never fight.  Ever. 

    Yeah, right. 

    Scott has a bachelor's degree in management from Northeastern University.   Like so many others on the Planet team, we recruited him from outside the car business so we wouldn't have to break any bad habits.  Before joining Planet, Scott worked at one financial company for 23 years, in software support.  We predict that he'll be around to help you with your next Subaru, and eventually your kid's car too!

    He drives a Subaru WRX.

    Joined Planet:  2012

  • Bob Choate
    Sales Manager
    781-826-4444 x157

    Bob was born and raised in Brockton and now lives in Duxbury. He loves golf even though his scores do not return the affection.

    He loves dogs, and misses his Huskie/Australian Shepherd mix who loved to pull sleds full of boomerangs and kangaroos.

    Bob has a Bachelors Degree in Electronics from the Wentworth Institute.  Before joining Planet in 2006, he sold electronics components.  He likes working with Subaru customers much more; they get a lot more excited about Subarus than his former clients did about flux capacitors!

    Bob leases a Forester and his wife leases a Legacy.

  • Anthony Ciulli
    Certified Subaru Senior MASTER Technician

    Anthony lives in Rockland with his wife and four children.  He has worked on Subarus for thirty years and he helped open Planet Subaru in 1998.  He is Planet's Shop Foreman. 

    His favorite auto joke goes like this:  A jumper cable walks into a bar.  The bartender says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

    Anthony drives a Subaru Impreza that purrs like a kitten.

  • Marcos Coelho
    Subaru Technician

    Marcos was born in Belohorizonte, auspiciously-named hometown if there ever was one: it means "beautiful horizon" in Portuguese. He came to the United States as a child and now resides in Plymouth.

    Marcos served eight years in the United States Marine Corps as a combat engineer. They taught him how to build things and how to blow them up. Fortunately, his deployments included humanitarian missions in Central America, allowing him to do more of the former than the latter!

    He earned a degree in Automotive Technology from Porter and Chester but has been working on cars since before he had a driver's license. He bought his first car, a 2004 WRX, with a blown engine and rebuilt it himself.  Now he drives an '11 STi.

  • Christa Collins
    Service Manager

    Christa grew up in Florida and now lives in Hull. 

    One of many women in leadership roles at Planet, Christa joined the Planet Service team in an entry-level position and rose through the ranks.   

    Her work ethic is legendary.  When she was pregnant with her second child, TJ, she started going into labor at the dealership.  While waiting for her husband to pick her up, she continued to work with customers at the counter, contractions and all!

    Joined Planet:  2005  

  • Joe Cooney
    Subaru Technician

    Joe was born in Weymouth and now resides in Carver. 

    He began his career as a boy, helping his father repair the family car in the driveway.  Before we recruited him to the major leagues, he was the head mechanic at K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing.  The experience he obtained working on battery-powered vehicles will serve him well as the auto industry moves towards greater electrification of powertrains.  We rely a lot on Joe because we know he conduit!  And he's ex-static to be on the Planet team!

    He painted his 2017 WRX pink, so he never has trouble finding his car in any parking lot.  And you'll be tickled pink with the quality of the work he performs on your Subaru.

    As one of Planet's Express Technicians, he stands at the ready to handle quick services when you need to get back on the road fast with a new headlight bulb, wiper blades, or an oil change.

  • Evan Crosby
    Parts Specialist

    Evan was born in Plymouth and never left!

    He has a twin sister, born seconds after him, so when they disagree he likes to pull rank and remind her that he's the older brother. Of course they're not identical twins, but they share a special bond, including eerily similar scars on their chins and left knees that they acquired horsing around as kids. Neither was born at the time Planet Subaru opened in 1998, which makes many of us feel old, especially his father, Parts Conductor Steve Crosby, who is now Evan's boss!

    Evan has a striking tattoo on his right arm that features a mythical fusion of a red panda and a wolf, likely the only one of its kind in the world.

    Evan drives a vintage Subaru Impreza.

  • Steve Crosby
    Parts Conductor

    Steve was born in Hanover and now lives in Plymouth.  He camps with his wife and four kids for a week at a time in a small RV; his wife tells him that he enjoys these trips. 

    Steve has spent his entire 30-year career in Subaru parts and helped open Planet Subaru in 1998.

    Steve drives an Outback. 

  • Chrissy Davenport
    Billing Expert
    781-826-4444 x136

    Chrissy Davenport lives in Quincy.  She is a natural athlete.  She loves to play soccer and volleyball when she can.  She also likes to read or watch movies in her spare time.

    Chrissy's duties include preparing the large volume of complicated paperwork required to purchase a car.  Chrissy is very conscientious, detailed-oriented, and perfectly suited to the exacting requirements of the position. 

    Chrissy drives a Subaru Impreza.

    Joined Planet:  2005

  • Dick Berner
    Special Affairs Manager

    Dick was born and raised on a dairy farm in Grand Ledge, Michigan, and now resides in Pembroke.

    One of several veterans on the Planet team, Dick served for twenty years in the Navy as a jet engine mechanic.  Now, as Special Affairs Manager, Dick is our jack-of-all-trades who helps with driving, facility maintenance, and pitching in wherever needed.  He could even fix an F4 Phantom fighter jet, if we had one.   

    He has a degree in Applied Science from Southwestern Michigan College.  He still uses his considerable technical skills on a 1951 Case Tractor that he uses to compete in tractor pulls. 

  • Jason Dempster
    Subaru Technician

    Jason was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and now resides in Mattapan.

    Nearly all of our technicians developed their interest in an automotive career because they grew up in the presence of older family members who kindled their interest in working on cars. Jason is no exception; his father was a technician, from whom he learned many skills. He replaced the engine and transmission on his Subaru Legacy, by himself, before he became a technician.

    About the only thing we don't ask him to fix is our printers, because, as a big fan of Jamaican music, he's sees nothing wrong with jammin'!

  • Fred DiFronzo
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x115

    Fred was raised in the North End and now resides in Marshfield.

    He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University of Massachusetts. For sixteen years, he employed his science knowledge selling precision laboratory equipment to biotech labs all around New England. Putting sometimes 50,000 miles per year on a series of Subarus, he decided he would prefer to sell all-wheel-drive vehicles.  During his interview at Planet, we asked him if knew any good jokes about sodium and he said "Na." After that, we bonded immediately. (We had to make these bad laboratory puns because all the goods ones Argon).

    He's the only Purchase Partner at Planet who can conduct the entire sales transaction in was his first language.  Also noteworthy, he and his two children were featured on the NPR podcast "Spooked," where they described their experiences living in a haunted house in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Fred leases a Crosstrek Limited.

  • Derek Duggan
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Derek Duggan lives in Plymouth and joined us in 1999, one of many who joined us in our first year and are still on the team.

    He has one daughter and she is the apple of his eye.  When not working on a Planet Subaru, he works on his own Subaru--a Legacy sedan.  His blood type is 10W30.

  • Jeremy Dwyer
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Born in Whitman, Jeremy now resides in Whitman with his wife, Vienna, and their three beloved cats:  Gonzo, Link, and Zeppelin. 

    He learned the trade at UTI but kindled his mechanical passion working at F1 Outdoors, teaching people how to race.   His students included (at least for one day) NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon, who might have known everything there is to know about stock cars but took some pointers on professional karting.  

    Jeremy loves soccer and plays goalie.  After he works on your car, we think you'll agree that he's a "keeper!"

  • Lisa Ferreira
    Internet Manager
    781-826-4444 x154

    Born in Fall River, Lisa now resides in Swansea with her partner of  nearly two decades, Lynda, and a passel of pets:  Preston Schilling (cocker spaniel), Ally Mae (golden retriever), and Snoball Chicadee (black cat). 

    A rabid Boston sports fan, Lisa collects sports memorabilia, including tens of thousands of sports cards.  Her favorite?  A '79-'80 Larry Bird rookie card bought as a kid.  She also loved playing sports herself, including basketball and baseball.

    Before joining Planet, Lisa managed a Bose retail audio store, so you know you'll be able to count on her for "sound" advice!

    You might have expected her to lisa car, but instead she bought her Impreza. 

  • Scotty Forrester
    Business Manager

    Scotty was born in Fairhaven and now lives in Chestnut Hill.  And yes, his last name is Forrester, and he works at a Subaru dealership.  It was destiny.  Maybe in his next career he can be a park ranger.

    We like to brag that you can't be a Purchase Partner at Planet if you ever sold cars before.  However, immediately before joining Planet, Scotty did work at another dealership for exactly ten days.  He left before his training was complete because he was aghast at the way they conducted themselves.  Fortunately for Scotty, he found Planet before he actually sold a car, so we could still bring him on board! 

    As one of our Business Managers, his duties include finding the best finance options and administering the paperwork when you take delivery of your new car. 

    Before joining Planet, he worked in human resources at Boston University for over twenty years.  He also served in the Air Force, stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base, where he supported advanced radar technologies. 

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • David Gardner
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x119

    David Gardner, Purchase Partner since 2006, grew up on the South Shore and recently purchased his first home in Weymouth.  David graduated from Boston University with a degree in Broadcasting & Film and took off for Hollywood.  He actually lived on the same hill as the Hollywood sign. 

    He drives a Forester XT. 

  • James Greene
    Sales Operations Manager
    781-826-4444 x122

    James Greene, (that's Greene with an "E"), owns a home in JP, where he grew up. He cames to Planet with degrees in Math and Political Science from Villanova; while there he worked as a Sports Editor for the school's newspaper. 

    As Sales Operations Manager, his duties include managing our huge inventories and making sure everything runs smoothly with your vehicle and your experience.   

    James spent his earlier years working for some of Boston's most prominent political leaders, including former Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, and former Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

    James is an avid Boston sports fan.  He leases a Subaru Legacy sedan.

    Joined Planet:  2009

  • Matt Hall
    Service Administrator

    Planet's best Spanish speaker, Matt is of Mexican heritage.  He grew up in Austin, Texas.  Before joining Planet, Matt managed the service department of a pool company, but we promise he'll never soak you on your Subaru service!

    Matt got his start in the automotive business as a technician, so he knows auto service inside and out. 

    Matt drives an Impreza hatchback.


  • Joe Harris
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x135

    Joe was born in Plymouth and lives there today with his wife and three kids:  a toddler, a baby, and a golden retriever named Balto. 

    We first met Joe when he bought a new Impreza hatchback at Planet Subaru.  We liked him so much we rescued him from a boring career in property management, and now he has a lot more fun delighting customers the Planet way.   

    Before the kids arrived, he played drums in a funk and R&B band named "Chowda."  Joe cymbalizes the interesting folks who populate our unusual team. 

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • Jamie Kelly
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Jamie Kelly grew up in Boston and now lives in Stoughton.  He is an accomplished metal sculptor and enjoys crafting artworks from automotive parts. 

    He drives an Impreza WRX Sedan.

    Joined Planet:  2006

  • Josh King
    Certified Subaru Technician

    Josh still lives in the house in Middleboro where he was born (in the dining room).  Family dinners are always special in the King household! 

    Josh kindled his desire to work on cars while building dragsters in the family garage with his older brothers.  He started at Planet as an Express Technician, helping customers
    get back on the road fast with a new headlight bulb, wiper blades, or an oil change.  We knew he was ready for a promotion when he came in on a Sunday and replaced the engine in his Subaru Impreza.

    In his spare time, he loves to go hiking with his rescued pit bull, Oreo.

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • Dale Lathrop
    General Manager
    781-826-4444 x137

    Dale Lathrop, lives on a lake in Weymouth and is extremely fond of fishing and catching lobsters. He grew up in upstate New York, and he earned an engineering degree from Clarkson University. 

    Dale is color blind and owns a Silver Labrador Retriever he named Blue, even though the dog is brown.  (You can't make this stuff up). Fortunately, the dog doesn't understand English well enough to get confused. 

    Since joining us in 2002 as a Purchase Partner, Dale has risen through the ranks because of his character and integrity, for which he thanks his Mom and Dad.  Dale was a Subaru die-hard even before joining Planet...over the years Dale and his folks have owned EIGHTEEN (!) Subarus.
      He currently leases a Forester.

    Dale was featured in an article published by Boston Voyager.

  • Rob Lang
    Assistant Parts Manager

    Rob lives in Pembroke.  He loves to watch sports (especially the Red Sox) with his wife.  He also collects sports memorabilia such as jerseys.

    He likes tattoos and has an elaborate jungle scene on his left arm. 

    Rob owns a Subaru Legacy.

    Joined Planet:  2000

  • Debbie Laudermilk
    Assistant Controller
    781-826-4444 x138

    Debbie lives in Plympton.  She has one daughter with her husband Eric, who also works in the automotive industry.  She joined Planet right after we opened in 1998. 

    She is a member of a local womens' investment club.  Debbie is such a sweetie that you would be honored to count her among your friends.

  • Melissa Layton
    Express Technician

    Melissa was born in Ketchikan, Alaska, and now resides in Sagamore Beach.

    She descends from a family of mechanical masters...her grandfather owned Layton's Small Engines on the Cape and her father is a diesel technician.

    She grew up in Gerald, Missouri, a zero-stoplight town.  She rode and trained horses on the family farm, and competed in rodeos.  Her early education in the power of horses prepared her well for her career maintaining engines with a lot of horsepower!

  • Kurt Maddy
    Certified Subaru Technician

    Kurt lives in Weymouth.  Kurt first learned how to work on cars in his backyard, decades ago, as a teen.  He is very good with his hands.  Earlier in his career, after earning a degree in Applied Science, he was a Surgical Assistant in an operating room.  When not nursing Subaru's back to health, you'll find him skiing on the slopes.

    Joined Planet:  2007

  • Ryan Mak
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x147

    Ryan was born in Boston, grew up in Lowell, and now resides in West Roxbury.

    Ryan graduated from Northeastern with a BA in Criminal Justice and he earned his law degree from Suffolk University.  After a short, successful career as an attorney, Ryan decided he preferred the collaborative environment at Planet over the adversarial legal profession. 

    He grew up working hard in his family's restaurant business, which explains why his buddies like to call him "Mak-n-Cheese" or "Big Mak."  He also responds to "Mak Daddy," but he prefers Ryan. 

    Ryan speaks fluent Cantonese with a Boston accent. 
    He also speaks perfect English befitting a attorney, using his language skills as a volunteer attorney for an organization that serves the underprivileged. 

    The owner of five Subaru's over the years, he currently drives a WRX STi; his wife drives a Crosstrek.

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • Jaime McGuinness
    Business Manager
    781-826-4444 x132

    Jaime was born in Plymouth, and lives there today, but not without a few voyages in between.  On her way to a B.A. in Communication at Bryant University, Jaime spent a semester on the Gold Coast of Australia, an experience she describes as the best four months of her life.

    Jaime hails from a family of educators...her mother and two sisters are teachers, and Jaime worked in collegiate admissions before joining Planet. 

    Jaime represents the Planet philosophy of attracting professionals, men and women, from outside the car business.

    As one of our Business Managers, her duties include finding the best finance options and administering the paperwork when you take delivery of your new car.  

    Jaime leases a Subaru Forester.

    Joined Planet:  2013

  • Steve Merrill
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Steve Merrill lives in Hanson with his wife, two boys, and a hound dog named Elvis.  Just kidding...that would be a good name for a hound dog, but his real name is Charlie.   

    Steve was quite an athlete:  he played baseball, lacrosse, hockey, and even semi-pro football.  Fortunate for ailing Subaru's everywhere, Steve ultimately chose auto service over athletics. 

    When he was 14, he rebuilt a 1969 Dart Custom.  Now, after a long day turning wrenches on Subaru's, he goes home and turns wrenches on a 1967 Coronet.  "Do what you love and never work a day in your life." 

    Joined Planet: 2005

  • Milo
    Blue Collar Worker

    Milo was rescued from a street in Mississippi and now resides with Purchase Partner Derek Sadovnikoff in Weymouth.  Asked what kind of breed Milo is, Derek can't really make heads or tails of it but he does know that Milo could use a pointer or two on staying off the service lounge furniture.     

    As the newest member of the greeter team, he has a lot to learn.  He loves to lick Blue's face while he's sleeping.  Blue is appawled, but is putting up with it fur now because Milo is just so darned cute. 

  • Nicky Moberg
    Assistant Service Manager

    Nikki was born and raised in Hawaii and now lives in Bridgewater.  She moved to Massachusetts for the weather.  She came to our Planet in 2003. 

    She brings to Planet a big dollop of Hawaiian sunshine in her smile and cheery manner.  She played basketball competively in Hawaii for the Pahoa Daggers.

    Nicky drives a Legacy.  

  • Nic Mohr
    Express Technician

    Nic was born in Idaho and now resides in Pembroke.  His German dad and New Yorker mom met in Egypt on a scuba excursion, so you won't be surprised to find out that Nic loves to dive and loves to travel. 

    We recruited Nic from a marine engine school.  He kindled his technical passion "wrenching" with friends in his garage. 

    Nic competed in judo in the United States Junior Olympics.  Reflecting on this time in his life, he says he learned the importance of "putting your best foot forward," both literally and figuratively.  After Nic works on your car, you'll be head over heels with the quality of his work!

  • David Montissol
    Certifed Subaru Technician

    David was born in Boston and now resides in Mattapan. 

    His older brother got him started on an automotive career at age 7, changing oil and filters on the family car. 
    Many years later, he graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology from Porter and Chester Institute. 

    David was a football, basketball, and track standout in high school.  He credits his competitive streak to his FIVE sisters who clashed with him for bathroom time before school!

    Off the clock, he coaches basketball and mentors youngsters at the Grove Hall Community Center. 

  • Jeff Morrill
    781-826-4444 x114

    Among other duties, Jeff coaches the team of professionals who create and maintain all of's unique content. 

    He supports Special Olympics, the Standish Humane Society, the Trustees of Reservations, and the North and South Rivers Watershed Association.

    He's a strict vegetarian, even though people tell him it's a big missed steak to eat that way.

    He lives in Milton with his wife and two spoiled cats, River and Simon.  They lease an Ascent and an Outback.

    Joined Planet:  1998

  • Mark Negron
    Service Specialist

    Mark was born in Puerto Rico and now resides in Norwood.

    He hails from a Navy family, so he grew up at military bases up and down the East Coast. Among many Navy family members, his father served as a submariner and his son serves on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.  Mark was a corpsman (medic) attached to a Marine unit, so he spent more time riding in tanks than boats.  His medical training and calm demeanor make him the kind of guy you would want around during an emergency.  However, he no longer finds health-related puns very funny since he suffers from an irony deficiency.

    Mark was a customer before he joined the team and still drives the WRX hatch that he bought here years ago. 

    He has a passion for environmental stewardship and sustainability.  He aspires to live his life with kindness to people, animals, and the earth.

  • Greg Norton
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x118

    Greg bought a vehicle from Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge and enjoyed the undealership experience so much that he left his former planet and came to ours!

    Greg recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Curry College.  He worked his way through school as a detailer, cleaning boats, cars, and planes. 

    A native of the coastal town of Hingham, saltwater runs through Greg's veins.  He loves to boat and sport fish.  He never tells fish tales.  One time, he caught a 10-foot long striped bass.  But just as he was pulling it in the boat, it got away. 

    Joined Planet:  2013

  • Pabst
    Assistant Greeter

    Pabst was born in Sturbridge and now resides in Weymouth with his companion, General Manager Dale Lathrop, and his sup-fur-visor, Blue. 

    This Golden Retriever really likes to snuggle...if you don't cur-tail his advances, he just may end up sitting in your lap.  Pabst is a pawt-timer, working only Fridays and the occasional Saturday.  You may find him laying around inside, looking fetching, or outside on our huge barking lot. 

  • Donna Patrick
    Accounting Specialist
    781-826-4444 x153

    Donna was born in Brockton and lives in Plymouth.

    Before she joined Planet, Donna worked at at freight management company. After a while, though, dealing with all those shipping routes took a toll on her. And the forklift operators tired of her puns; they found them unpalletable. She joined our team after learning that we were looking for someone willing to go the extra mile.

    Donna has three kids, and when she's not chasing after her two grandkids, she enjoys to relax with the hobby of photography.

  • Klaire Perkins
    Purchase Partner
    (781) 826-4444 x116

    Klaire grew up in Whitman and now resides in Hanson on a "compound" of five family homes in a row.  Good thing she likes the in-laws!

    One of six women on the sales team at Planet Subaru, Klaire bought her Planet Forester years before she joined us.  When she was ready to make a career change, she chose Planet because we're "earth friendly, animal friendly, and people friendly."

    Away from the dealership, Klaire serves the Standish Humane Society and has rescued many cats over the years.  Asked at one point how she ended up with ten cats in her house, she responded, "Well, I had nine, and then I got one more."

    Klaire's hobbies include mountain biking, rock climbing, and organic gardening.

    Joined Planet:  2015

  • Jason Rizzo
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x156

    Jason was born in Worcester and now resides in Milford. 

    We recruited Jason from the fitness industry, where he was personal trainer/coach. Coincidentally, he used to work at Planet Fitness, which makes him our first team member who literally came to us from another Planet!

    A self-described nerd, Jason loves sci-fi movies, video games, and the conundrums of astrophysics.  His ancestors hail from Sicily. The Rizzas became Rizzos with the careless stroke of a bureaucratic pen at Ellis Island...but rest assured he brings his "A" game to work every day!

  • Nate Roman
    General Sales Manager
    781-826-4444 x113

    Nate resides with his wife in Clinton (one of 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts that you may or may not have heard of).  He joined us in 1999, shortly after we opened, and has performed a variety of roles at Planet, including Purchase Partner and Business Manager. 

    In his spare time, he is an amateur astronomer and member of the International Dark Sky Association.  He drives a Subaru Outback 3.6R Special Appearance Package, and his wife leases a Forester.    

  • Matt Ryan
    Service Director

    Matt grew up on the beach in Marshfield, surfing in the frigid North Atlantic waters near his house.  Now he lives in Hanson. 

    As a younger man, he was an Emergency Medical Technician.  He's a warm guy but knows how to stay cool under pressure.

    Matt originally joined us in 2007, but briefly left for another dealership in search of "greener pastures."  He discovered that there is only one Subaru undealership, and when Planet's growth opened up a new position, we welcomed him home to all his friends.  

  • Andy Ryan
    Assistant Service Manager

    Andy grew up in Marshfield and now resides in Whitman. 

    He came to Planet at the behest of his brother, Matt, who is our Service Director.  When they were in elementary school,  Matt also told Andy that he should learn to play the drums, and he obliged, ultimately becoming a professional musician.  He played with the hard rock band Ra (named after the Egyptian sun god). 

    Even on a fancy tour bus, though, all that time on the road left him pining for his home and family in Massachusetts.  Now his job is to make you feel like a rock star when you service your Subaru at Planet!

    Joined Planet:  2015

  • Derek Sadovnikoff
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x121

    With a last name like Sadovnikoff, which sounds like a premium Russian vodka, you might be surprised to find out that Derek was born in Texas and speaks French!  He grew up in Waltham and now resides in Weymouth.

    Before joining Planet, Derek served as an emergency department tech in a Level-1 trauma center.  He helped doctors save lives at Beth Israel Deaconess for seven years. Derek is the only Planet Purchase Partner who can treat both your "sticker shock" and (if you're having a really bad day) actual circulatory shock! 

    He loves to spend time outdoors, especially rock climbing.  He drives a WRX STi. 

  • Rhonda Sommer
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x120

    Rhonda was born in Marblehead and now resides in Norwell.

    She once owned a pretzel restaurant with her sister in the Hanover Mall.  Now, at Planet, she'll save you a lot of dough and promises never to tie you in knots!

    Off duty, Rhonda loves to spend time in the garden, growing vegetables and cruising around in her riding mower.  She also likes playing sports with her two boys who keep her young and fit. 

    Joined Planet:  2015

  • Dave Spellman
    Business Manager and Doctor of Automology
    781-826-4444 x152

    David was born in Needham and now lives in Norfolk.  He drives past a lot of other dealerships every day to work at Planet because of the special way we do business.

    He wanted to be a physician when he grew up.  He has the warm, endearing, competent manner of a medical professional, so we think of him as our Doctor of Automology.

    The craziest thing he ever did was to spend a summer in Greece and Italy spending the proceeds from the sale of the 1979 Datsun 310 that his dad had bought for him.

    He has three kids. His two favorite hobbies are bike riding and cooking, and the size of his belly is determined by which one he spends more time on.   (He says the cooking is winning right now).

    As one of our Business Managers, his duties include finding the best finance options and administering the paperwork when you take delivery of your new car.  

    Dave joined us in 2009.  He leases a Legacy. 

  • Tiffany Sullivan

    Tiffany was born in Brockton and lives there today.

    Before becoming a technician, she worked in the manufacturing of precision acrylics, where she developed a keen eye for quality and detail. 

    She inherited the automotive passion from her father, who earned a living working on transmissions.  Growing up, she spent a lot of time in a shop, and it still feels like a second home. 

    Tiffany cares for two cats--Old Man Kitty and Rafiki--and also a turtle counterintuitively named Fluffy. 

  • Katie Stewart
    Shop Manager

    Katie was born in Keene, New Hampshire and now resides in Quincy. 

    Before joining Planet, Katie taught physical education as an adjunct faculty member at Keene State College.  She earned her Masters Degree at Plymouth State University where she graduated summa cum laude. 

    She grew up as a gymnast and loves coaching.  We think you'll do flips after your awesome Planet service experience with Katie.  You'll really be beaming!

  • Travis Stewart
    781-826-4444 x129

    Travis is originally from Florida and now lives in Boston.  He is an owner of Planet Subaru and helped open the dealership in 1998.  As Un-Controller, he supervises the accounting and office teams.  He has a from the University of Central Florida.

    He has an identical twin brother, Trevor, that freaks us out when he visits from Florida because it's like we're seeing double!

  • Bonface Thuo
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Bonface lives in Taunton.  Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Bonface's journey to Planet Subaru was long and inspiring.  He came to the United States in pursuit of the "American Dream."  He joined Planet in 2006. 

    The mens' and womens' marathon world record holders hail from Kenya, so when Bonface joined the staff, the amateur running team was thrilled to hear that they would have a Kenyan.  Alas, Bonface is an excellent technician but not much of a runner.

    Bonface drives a Subaru Outback.

  • Josh Towne
    Subaru Technician

    Josh was born in Halifax and resides there currently. His ties to Massachusetts go WAY back...he is a direct descendant of Sir William Phips--a mariner, treasure hunter, knight, army major general, and the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony who ended the Salem witch trials in the late 1600s. Josh's English lineage is manifest in his striking ginger mane.

    Josh loves working on cars so much that he puts in a long day at Planet and then returns home to his motley personal fleet of five (!) cars and works into the night. Somewhere in there he also made time to complete schooling as an Emergency Medical Technician. So if your Subaru is in critical condition, Josh is the only game in Towne!

  • Hoang Tran
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x134

    Hoang (pronounced Wong) was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and moved to Plymouth at age five.

    He didn't speak any English when he arrived, but learned it quickly by binge-watching episodes of Power Rangers!

    We have many veterans on the Planet team, but Private First Class Tran is the only service member currently on active duty. He serves in the Army National Guard where he is occasionally deployed to provide humanitarian relief and disaster aid. He is a combat engineer with a specialty in mechanized mine detection. You will be impressed with his calm demeanor and attention to detail.

    In his spare time, not that there's much of it, he is also pursuing a degree in history at Quincy College.

  • Eric Urbanowicz
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 x134

    Eric was born in Hanson and now resides there, but with many different addresses in between.  He grew up in Ft. Myers and graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. 

    Before joining Planet, he was a personal trainer.  He built and sold a small chain of fitness franchises.  With a resting heart rate of 55 and the ability to bench press 300 pounds, he is the only Planeteer who can help you shrink your car payment and your waistline at the same time!

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • Vanessa Van Beek
    Certified Subaru Technician

    Vanessa was born in Pembroke and now lives in Hanson.

    We first met Vanessa when she bought her BRZ at Planet.  She spends her weekends driving it sideways at local autocross events!

    She decided she wanted to be a technician when she was 12 years old.  While working on the family car in the driveway, her father let her hold the blowtorch while he loosened a sticky caliper, and she experienced the thrill of working with serious tools to fix things.  Her cousin, Anthony Ciulli, is our Shop Foreman, and her husband, Ronnie, is a technician too.  They're busy raising the next generation of Van Beek gearheads...their infant son says "vroom vroom" whenever he sees a Subaru!

  • Brian Wasik
    Subaru MASTER Technician

    Brian lives where he was born, in East Bridgewater.  As a teen, he cut his teeth on auto repair when he blew the engine in his Mercury Cougar and his mobility depended on figuring out how to install a new engine.

    Brian graduated from the New England Institute of Technology with a degree in Automotive Science. 

    Joined Planet:  2011

  • Rob Webster
    Subaru Technician

    Rob was born in Hingham and still lives there almost four decades later. 

    He began working on cars professionally at age 17 and never stopped.  He wears his passion for cars "on his sleeve," literally:  he has tattoos of pistons, spark plugs, wrenches, and exhaust pipes on his arms!

    This mild mannered professional loves working with his hands; off duty, he plays drums in a rock band. 

    Joined Planet:  2013

  • Allison Webb
    Service Assistant

    Allie is a Plymouth native and lived there her whole life until a recent big move across the border into Kingston.

    Allie wears many hats:  helping you in and out quickly, making appointments, answering questions, and keeping all the paperwork in good order.  She is keen on detail--we recruited her from a position assuring quality and inspecting electrical circuitry with a microscope.  So she knows how to stay grounded and make sure you're not overcharged!

    Though she bears a passing resemblance to pop artist Britney Spears, Allie doesn't sing.  Instead, she paints with watercolors, a creative pursuit she inherited from her grandmother.  She also likes getting outside with her toy poodle, Maggie. 

  • Max Youmans
    Parts Advisor

    Max lives in Rockland with two vocal Siamese cats.  He grew up in Quincy.  He drives a WRX sedan.  

    With a last name starting in Y, he was always the kid at the end of the classroom roll call (and now the last member on our team roster here).  But as a Planet Parts Professional, he'll be first in your heart. 

    Max came to our Planet in 2008. 


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