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  • Blue **In Memoriam**
    Greeter in Chief and Blue Collar Worker

    Blue was born in Indiana, lived in Weymouth, and died in 2021. Most everybody asked if he was a Weimarainer, but he was a Silver Labrador Retriever. 

    In eleven years he only missed one day at work, the time he ate a toothbrush and had to go to the vet. He always maintained a pawsitive attitude about his job in executive showroom greeting, even after ruff days trying to find people to throw a ball for him or give him too many treats. He never bit anybody but he was not afraid to use his Licker License, especially if you smelled like peanut butter. 

    The entire Planet team and thousands of charmed customers remember him fondly. He was a good boy.

  • Aly Al-Saad
    Parts Specialist

    Aly grew up in Quincy and now lives in Hanover. He speaks fluent Arabic and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East.

    His name is pronounced like "ollie," which happens to be the name of a skateboarding maneuver where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of hands. The coincidence is appropriate because Aly loves to skateboard. We started the rumor that he invented the move.

    On duty and off, Aly likes to stay very busy. He is completing a degree in engineering at Quincy College. He also plays the ukulele, collects tropical fish, and sketches. His ambition is to buy a camper and vacation on the open road, living the #vanlife.

  • Cole Askin
    Subaru Technician

    Cole was born in Kingston and still lives there today.

    He was a customer before he joined the Planet team, frequenting the parts department for advice and components to maintain his fleet of vintage Subarus. Now when we have a question about an old Subaru, we head over to the Cole Mine and start Askin.

    His passion for turning wrenches began early, around age eight, when he helped his father rebuild a 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner. He went on to study metal fabrication and welding at Silver Lake.

    He spoils two dogs: Daisy, a Terrier/Beagle mix, and Maggy, a feisty French Bulldog.

    Cole commutes in a 2006 WRX finished in the rare San Remo Red that adorned the star car in the movie Baby Driver.

  • Jill Baldeck
    Service Specialist

    Jill was born in Hanson and now lives in Pembroke.

    Like many of our team members, she was a customer before she joined us, first buying a 2011 Impreza and now driving a Legacy. We knew her as the amazing server and bartender at the Scarlet Oak Tavern, and after the birth of her son necessitated a  better schedule, she accepted our long-standing invitation to bring her considerable gifts to Planet.

    She cares for a rescue dog from Tennessee appropriately named Nash. Asked to describe her mixed-breed characteristics, she describes him evocatively as a dog that has one ear up and one ear down!

    Off duty, to leaf her worries behind, she loves to visit national parks. She would like to do s'more travelling in the future, visiting the remaining 25 states she has yet to see.

  • Kendra Barilaro
    Lead Service Specialist
    kendra at 781-826-9910

    Kendra was born in Hanson and resides there to this day.  She graduated from Bridgewater State University with a bachelor's degree in Communications.

    She has owned her own horse since she was 12 years young, a Welsh/Conammara mix named Star because of its lone Texas-shaped blaze. If you need to hoof it in to Planet at the spur of the moment, you'll appreciate Kendra's unbridled enthusiasm!

    Kendra has a very rare genetic inheritance enjoyed by a tiny percentage of people--she has only one dimple. Growing up, this protected at least one cheek from all those old aunts who loved to pinch dimples at family reunions!

    Kendra drives a Crosstrek.

  • Kristen Barilaro
    Accounting Specialist
    kristen at 781-826-4444 x153

    Kristen (she's a ten, not a tin) was born in Rockland and recently moved to Abington.

    Earlier in her life, Kristen studied Kenpo karate for a decade, finishing her training just shy of a black belt. Now she spends her time away from work making jewelry, a hobby where she really shines.

    Before she joined Planet, she worked in accounting at MIT's meteorology department. Cirrus-ly. She also worked at MIT's Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research. Sirius-ly.

  • Dick Berner
    Special Affairs Manager

    Dick was born and raised on a dairy farm in Grand Ledge, Michigan, and now resides in Pembroke.

    One of several veterans on the Planet team, Dick served for twenty years in the Navy as a jet engine mechanic.  Now, as Special Affairs Manager, Dick is our jack-of-all-trades who helps with driving, facility maintenance, and pitching in wherever needed.  He could even fix an F4 Phantom fighter jet, if we had one.   

    He has a degree in Applied Science from Southwestern Michigan College.  He still uses his considerable technical skills on a 1951 Case Tractor that he uses to compete in tractor pulls. 

  • Jason Boudrow
    Subaru Technician

    Jason was born in Braintree and now lives in Quincy.

    He earned his degree in Automotive Technology from Universal Technical Institute.

    Before joining Planet, Jason serviced paratransit vehicles for the MTA. Because those vehicles are in use all day transporting citizens with special mobility requirements, he worked the overnight shift: 11pm to 7:30 am. After working like a vampire for years, he was ready for a bright ray of Planet sunshine.

    Jason stays sharp and fit by training in the Brazilian martial art of Jiu Jitsu. We love it when he tells jokes because he is so good at the punch line. And when it comes to servicing your Subaru, Jason is a real heavyweight.

  • Deb Brewster
    Planet Alumna

    Deb retired in 2021 after eighteen years on the sales team, and we just couldn't bring ourselves to take down her Planet AutoBiography. Deb was a key member of the early team that built the dealership into the institution it is today. So we created a new position just for her, Planet Alumna, a role that doesn't require her to do any of the hard work at which she previously excelled: serving customers every day with patience, love, and excellence.

    The tall woman with the trademark short haircut is so closely associated with Planet that people all over the South Shore refer to her as "the Subaru lady."

    She earned a masters degree in biochemistry as a young woman, and would later serve the community in a variety of different ways: mother, tailor, doula, and then salesperson and manager at Planet.

    The typical dealership measures sales team tenure in months; at Planet we measure in decades. Deb joined us in 2003. We asked Deb to join our team after she bought a Forester to transport her rowing shell. She is representative of the Planet philosophy of attracting team members from outside the car business. 

    Deb was recognized on the front page of the Boston Globe Automotive section with a feature article. Click here to read the feature.

  • Jim Brown
    Assistant Special Affairs Manager

    Jim was born in Wilmington, Delaware and now lives in Hanson.

    He looks nothing like the Godfather of Soul or the Cleveland Browns fullback, but, much to his chagrin, this does not stop anyone from asking! Fortunately he has a great sense of humor. His friends call him Brownie.

    He earned his degree in electrical engineering from Fairmont State University in West Virginia, and retired from a career in IT. That makes him the perfect person to do our long road trips because he's used to everything being backed up. He knows all about hard drives. He gets great fuel economy, too, because he doesn't use the air conditioning--he just opens up Windows. 

    He's a dad to two college-age kids and loves to golf, drum, garden, and cook. 

  • Roberta Bullock
    Accounting Specialist
    roberta at 781-826-4444 x141

    Roberta was born in Boston, grew up in Norwell, and now resides in Pembroke. 

    Before she "did the books" in the Accounting Office at Planet, she "did books" at the Pembroke Public Library.  She handled the transition well, but is still getting used to our one-floor building after coming from a workplace with so many "stories!"

    Here's a true story:  she won her bright red car after entering a mail-in sweepstakes.  When she went to pick it up, it had a hood ornament in the shape of a sauce bottle!   

  • Paulette Caron-Andreas
    Lead Service Administrator
    paulette at 781-826-9910

    Paulette was born in Fall River and now resides in Mansfield.

    A coastal native, it's no surprise she loves all things marine.  She won a wristwatch in a fishing contest at age 6, and took her first solo trip on an O'Day sailboat at age 13.  Paulette and her husband fished on the Westport River during their courtship.

    Paulette earned her B.A. from Stonehill College, and she has pursued a few different career paths, including stay-at-home mom and legal assistant.  She worked almost a decade as a dental hygienist.  Why did she move on?  "I had cleaned the teeth of over 13,000 patients, and I asked myself, what else can I do with my life other than prophylaxis?!"  It was just the same "grind," day after day.  It just wasn't "full filling" anymore! 

    She made us smile when she joined the Planet team, and you'll really appreciate her flossify of putting the customer first!

    Paulette drives an Outback.

  • Scott Chandler
    Internet Sales Manager
    scott at 781-826-4444

    Scott is a native of Marshfield and still lives there with his two boys, who are seventeen months apart in age, and close enough in size to lead the casual observer to think that they are twins.  He insists they never fight.  Ever. 

    Scott has a bachelor's degree in management from Northeastern University. 
    Like so many others on the Planet team, we recruited him from outside the car business so we wouldn't have to break any bad habits.  Before joining Planet, Scott worked at one financial company for 23 years, in software support.  We predict that he'll be around to help you with your next Subaru, and eventually your kid's car too!

    He drives a Subaru WRX.

    Joined Planet:  2012

  • Anthony Ciulli
    Certified Subaru Senior MASTER Technician

    Anthony lives in Rockland with his wife and four children.  He has worked on Subarus for thirty years and he helped open Planet Subaru in 1998.  He is Planet's Shop Foreman. 

    His favorite auto joke goes like this:  A jumper cable walks into a bar.  The bartender says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

    Anthony drives a Subaru Impreza with a six-cylinder engine that he installed himself, perhaps the only one of its kind because Subaru never built an Impreza with that many cylinders. 

  • Christa Collins
    Service Manager
    christa at 781-826-9910

    Christa grew up in Florida and now lives in Hull. 

    One of many women in leadership roles at Planet, Christa joined the Planet Service team as a cashier and earned five promotions over the years, rising to the top job in Planet's largest department.   

    Her work ethic is legendary.  When she was pregnant with her second child, TJ, she started going into labor at the dealership.  While waiting for her husband to pick her up, she continued to work with customers at the counter, contractions and all!

    Christa drives a Forester or her husband's Outback.

    Joined Planet:  2005  

  • Emily Crawford
    Service Specialist
    emily at 781-826-9910

    Emily was born in Halifax and never left. 

    She earned a B.S. in Economics from Bridgewater State, graduating magna cum laude. Her college experience taught her the value of a dollar in more ways than one-- she worked as many as three jobs at a time so she could graduate without any debt.

    She is the only Planet team member with a black belt in Kenpo, which she began studying at 6. She later became an instructor at 13. So when you drive your car home after a service visit and you feel like your car has a little more kick, now you know why.

    A hound/yellow lab mix named Libby keeps Emily company when she's not at work with Blue, Pabst, and Milo. 

  • Evan Crosby
    Lead Parts Specialist

    Evan was born in Plymouth and never left!

    He has a twin sister, born seconds after him, so when they disagree he likes to pull rank and remind her that he's the older brother. Of course they're not identical twins, but they share a special bond, including eerily similar scars on their chins and left knees that they acquired horsing around as kids. Neither was born at the time Planet Subaru opened in 1998, which makes many of us feel old, especially his father, Parts Conductor Steve Crosby, who is now Evan's boss!

    Evan has a striking tattoo on his right arm that features a mythical fusion of a red panda and a wolf, likely the only one of its kind in the world.

    Evan drives a Subaru BRZ, very slowly, lest he pass his dad on the way home.

  • Steve Crosby
    Parts Conductor
    steve at 781-826-1103

    Steve was born in Hanover and now lives in Plymouth.  He camps with his wife and four kids for a week at a time in a small RV; his wife tells him that he enjoys these trips. 

    Steve has spent his entire 30-year career in Subaru parts and helped open Planet Subaru in 1998.

    Steve drives an Outback. 

  • Kendra Crosby
    Parts Specialist

    Kendra was born in Plymouth and lives there today.

    Kendra works with her dad and brother, so the Planet Parts Department is very much the Crosby Show!

    She is one of many women who are thriving in every Planet department. She drives a 2005 Outback that she maintains herself.

    Before joining the team, she attended Johnson and Wales University where she studied Culinary Arts. We recruited her because she is a whisk-taker and she was ready to try something different. Customers think she's sweet because she never deserts them and she makes every transaction a piece of cake.

  • Chrissy Davenport
    Billing Expert
    781-826-4444 x136

    Chrissy Davenport lives in Quincy.  She is a natural athlete.  She loves to play soccer and volleyball when she can.  She also likes to read or watch movies in her spare time.

    Chrissy's duties include preparing the large volume of complicated paperwork required to purchase a car.  Chrissy is very conscientious, detailed-oriented, and perfectly suited to the exacting requirements of the position. 

    Chrissy drives a Subaru Impreza.

    Joined Planet:  2005

  • Shane Dooney
    Subaru Technician

    Shane grew up in Taunton and now lives in Plymouth.

    He played varsity basketball at Rising Tide High School. Even though he has a ball servicing your car during the day, he rebounds from a long day at work by playing with his friends. He's a real shooting star on the Planet service team.  

  • Derek Duggan
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Derek Duggan lives in Plymouth and joined us in 1999, one of many who joined us in our first year and are still on the team.

    He has one daughter and she is the apple of his eye.  When not working on a Planet Subaru, he works on his own Subaru--a Forester.  His blood type is 10W30.

  • Jameson Dwyer
    Subaru Technician

    Jameson was born in Weymouth and lives now in Whitman.

    He is Planet Subaru Technician Jeremy Dwyer's brother. Apparently Epic beards run in the family. Jameson comes by his heavy metal goatee honestly; he formerly was a drummer in a rock band.

    He has always worked with his hands. Before he joined Planet, he was a gunsmith. There he learned the importance of avoiding shotty workmanship. He can handle really tough jobs because he's surprisingly strong for a guy who worked with small arms.

  • Jeremy Dwyer
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Born in Whitman, Jeremy now resides in Whitman with his wife, Vienna, and their three beloved cats:  Gonzo, Link, and Zeppelin. 

    He learned the trade at UTI but kindled his mechanical passion working at F1 Outdoors, teaching people how to race.   His students included (at least for one day) NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon, who might have known everything there is to know about stock cars but took some pointers on professional karting.  

    Jeremy loves soccer and plays goalie.  After he works on your car, we think you'll agree that he's a "keeper!"

    Joined Planet: 2016

  • Elifranc Fenelon
    Subaru Technician

    Ellie was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, and now lives in Brockton.

    Before leaving Haiti for the United States in 2014, he worked in logistics for the International Red Cross, managing relief supplies. His biggest challenges after arriving in the US included learning how to drive in the snow, and navigating Boston's labyrinthine streets (he should have seen how hard it was before GPS!)

    He earned his degree in Automotive Technology from Porter & Chester Institute in Canton.

    He grew up playing soccer, so when he's off duty he gets a kick out of watching matches. On duty, he accomplishes his goal of maintaining your car safely because he always uses his head!

  • Bob Flaherty
    Assistant Special Affairs Manager

    Bob was born in South Boston and now lives in Scituate.

    After graduating from Westfield State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Bob served for a decade as a probation officer. He would later take sales positions at technology companies including Microsoft, Apple, and Salesforce. Back in the day, he didn't know much about computers, but you could say he learned bit by bit. After he had enough cache, he retired.

    Bob delivers food with Meals on Wheels in Hull, and leads corporate fundraising for Friends of the Scituate Library. He also volunteers as a mentor and academic advisor at YearUp in Boston, which is a program for disadvantaged young adults targeted at closing the opportunity gap. With his enthusiasm for community service and corporate social responsibility, he fits right in at Planet.

    Like many of his colleagues, Bob was a customer before he joined the team. He and his wife drive an Ascent. Their first Subaru was a 1973 Subaru GL100 coupe that they bought when they married.

  • Mikylah Forde
    Service Specialist
    781-826-9910 mikylah at

    Mikylah grew up in Brockton and lives there today.

    Before joining Planet, she was a residential life skills instructor for kids with special needs at Cardinal Cushing, right down the street from Planet. She has a passion for serving others and finding a way to lighten the load of those around her.

    She is completing a bachelor's degree in business administration at Johnson & Wales University.

    She started her own business, Kyrylics, that provides custom acrylic signs for special events. The products give her a creative outlet and generate extra income to pay for school. As a expert in vinyl graphics, she thinks b is the coolest letter in the alphabet because it's surrounded by a/c.

  • Wes Francois
    Assistant Service Manager
    wes at 781-826-9910

    Wes was born in Haiti and moved to the United States with his mother as a toddler. Now he lives in Quincy with his wife and daughter.

    His command of English, Creole, French, and Mandarin Chinese serve him well in a role that requires exceptional communications skills. You'll appreciate that he started his automotive career as a technician, so he understands cars from the inside out.

    Also, during his school days, he was a standout track athlete, so if you have a question about your service visit he can discus it with you. If there's a hurdle in the way, he'll get over it. And Wes works hard for you. Your car might get tired while it's in the shop, but he never does. 

  • David Gardner
    Purchase Partner
    david at 781-826-4444 x119

    David Gardner, Purchase Partner since 2006, grew up on the South Shore and recently purchased his first home in Weymouth.  David graduated from Boston University with a degree in Broadcasting & Film and took off for Hollywood.  He actually lived on the same hill as the Hollywood sign. 

    He drives a Forester XT. 

  • James Greene
    Sales Operations Manager
    james at 781-826-4444 x122

    James Greene, (that's Greene with an "E"), owns a home in JP, where he grew up. He cames to Planet with degrees in Math and Political Science from Villanova; while there he worked as a Sports Editor for the school's newspaper. 

    As Sales Operations Manager, his duties include managing our huge inventories and making sure everything runs smoothly with your vehicle and your experience.   

    James spent his earlier years working for some of Boston's most prominent political leaders, including former Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, and former Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

    James is an avid Boston sports fan.  He leases a Subaru Legacy sedan.

    Joined Planet:  2009

  • Dave Handler
    Subaru Technician

    Dave was born in Needham and lives there today.

    He is no relation to Chelsea Handler, but he does bear a curious resemblance to movie stars Michael Cera and Seth Rogan.

    He earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of Hartford, but cars are his first love. Turns out he prefers oil funnels over purchase funnels, electrical leads over sales leads, and direct injection over direct mail.

    Dave was a Subaru fan long before he joined the Planet team; he bought a new WRX in 2013.

  • Joe Harris
    Business Manager
    joe at 781-826-4444 x135

    Joe was born in Plymouth and lives there today with his wife and three kids:  a toddler, a baby, and a golden retriever named Balto. 

    We first met Joe when he bought a new Impreza hatchback at Planet Subaru.  We liked him so much we rescued him from a boring career in property management, and now he has a lot more fun delighting customers the Planet way.   

    Before the kids arrived, he played drums in a funk and R&B band named "Chowda."  Joe cymbalizes the interesting folks who populate our unusual team. 

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • Dan Keane
    Subaru Technician

    Dan grew up in Weymouth and now lives in East Bridgewater.

    He grew up riding and all-terrain vehicles which kindled his interest all things automotive, including engine repair. He even dreams about mufflers, which is why he sometimes wakes up exhausted.

    He developed his hand-eye coordination by competed in gymnastics for thirteen years, specializing in rings and parallel bars. When it comes to servicing your car right, here's a guy who will really bend over backwards.

    Dan cares for a Shih Tzu named Toby.

  • Henry Kong
    Assistant Service Manager
    henry at 781-826-9910

    Henry was born in Brockton and now lives in Raynham.

    Henry earned a B.S. in Economics from UMass Amherst. He used to be a financial analyst, but all the number crunching made him miss the pleasure of serving customers as part of a team. He joined Planet to spend more time with his two loves, cars and people.

    He enjoys collecting sneakers, like some people collect baseball cards. Sometimes he sells them for more than he paid for them, which is quite a feet. But he doesn't do it for the money, his sole purpose is to get a kick out of it. 

  • Rob Lang
    Assistant Parts Manager
    rob at 781-826-1103

    Rob was born in Plymouth and now lives in Pembroke. 

    He joined Planet in 2000, when he was only 17, so he has grown up with us. After a couple of decades working in the parts department listening to our bad puns, you could say he's tired and exhausted even after taking a lot of brakes.

    He's really into clean living and good nutrition. His few vices include a wicked coffee addiction, a passion for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and lots of tattoos.

    Rob owns a Subaru Legacy and Dodge Challenger from our sister store in Franklin, Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

  • Ben Lotzkar
    Purchase Partner
    ben at 781-826-4444

    Ben grew up in Tampa, Florida, and now lives Plymouth.

    Before joining the Planet team, he was a licensed massage therapist. So if you've found that dealing with a typical dealership salesperson is a pain in the neck, that's knot a problem with Ben. He has the right touch.  

    With a last name that sounds like a used car superstore, it was only a matter of time before Ben fulfilled his destiny of working in the auto industry. And what would a guy named Lotzkar name his son? Miles, of course. For real!

  • Rose Larson
    Subaru Technician and Assistant Shop Manager

    Rose was born in Braintree and now lives in Plymouth.

    She has been interested in machines her whole life. She studied mechanics at Norfolk County Agricultural High School and later graduated summa cum laude with a degree in automotive technology from Ben Franklin Technical Institute.

    Rose really like cats, and cares for one appropriately named Diesel. Diesel's full-size face is tattooed (cattooed?) on the back of Rose's leg. She collects Diesel's whiskers in a box, because you never know when those might come in handy. Rose just might be the craziest cat lady at Planet, but she has some strong competition from Klaire and Jeff.

    After changing oil all day at work, Rose goes home and paints with...oil. It helps her keep things in perspective. She even sells her canvasses for a surprising amount of Monet. Her work often draws a crowd. An impressive sample is below.

  • Dale Lathrop
    Co-owner and Managing Partner
    dale at 781-826-4444 x137

    Dale Lathrop, lives on a lake in Weymouth and is extremely fond of fishing and catching lobsters. He grew up in upstate New York, and he earned his engineering degree from Clarkson University. 

    Dale is color blind and owns a Silver Labrador Retriever he named Blue, even though the dog is greyish-brown. Fortunately, the dog doesn't understand English well enough to get confused. 

    Since joining us in 2002 as a Purchase Partner, Dale rose through the ranks because of his character and integrity, for which he thanks his Mom and Dad. Dale and his wife, Erica, have two fraternal twins who were born prematurely, so they support other parents through the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center NICU Newborn Services Fund.

    Dale was a Subaru die-hard even before joining Planet...over the years Dale and his folks have owned twenty-one Subarus. He currently leases an Ascent.

    The Boston Voyager featured Dale in an article about area business leaders.

  • Debbie Laudermilk
    Assistant Controller
    debbie at 781-826-4444 x138

    Debbie lives in Plympton.  She has one daughter with her husband Eric, who also works in the automotive industry.  She joined Planet right after we opened in 1998. 

    She is a member of a local womens' investment club.  Debbie is such a sweetie that you would be honored to count her among your friends.

  • Judy Leighton
    Purchase Partner
    judy at 781-826-4444

    Judy was born in Kingston and now lives in Halifax, with a New Hampshire stint in the middle.

    She discovered a passion for travel during a high school year in Mexico. To develop her language skills, she earned a BA in Spanish literature at Elmira College. She went to work in a travel agency, and later the cruise industry. So if you're knot shore you want the typical dealership runaround, Judy has mast'd the art of no-pressure car sales. You'll have a hull of a time buying your next Subaru!

  • Eric Macintosh
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 emacintosh at

    Eric is from Scituate and now lives in Marshfield with his wife, three sons, and a cat named Millie.

    Eric originally joined us a few months right after we opened all he way back in 1998, impressing us with his maturity at the tender age of nineteen. (He still holds the record for the youngest Purchase Partner in our history). After a couple years he moved into the financial services industry. But he never found another environment quite like Planet, so he rejoined us and it's like he never left. (Except we all have a few more grey hairs).

    As a younger man he played safety on the Randolph Oilers semi-pro football team, rubbing shoulders (and colliding) with players who would later join the NFL. After the injuries piled up, he became a referee. We think you'll have a ball working with Eric, because he's a real catch.

  • Ryan Mak
    Sales Manager
    ryan at 781-826-4444 x147

    Ryan was born in Boston, grew up in Lowell, and now resides in West Roxbury.

    Ryan graduated from Northeastern with a BA in Criminal Justice and he earned his law degree from Suffolk University.  After a short, successful career as an attorney, Ryan decided he preferred the collaborative environment at Planet over the adversarial legal profession. 

    He grew up working hard in his family's restaurant business, which explains why his buddies like to call him "Mak-n-Cheese" or "Big Mak."  He also responds to "Mak Daddy," but he prefers Ryan. 

    Ryan speaks fluent Cantonese with a Boston accent.
    He also speaks perfect English befitting an attorney, using his language skills as a volunteer attorney for an organization that serves the underprivileged. 

    The owner of five Subarus over the years, he currently drives a Crosstrek; his wife drives a Forester Sport.

    Joined Planet:  2014

  • Justin McCaffrey
    Purchase Partner
    justin at 781-826-4444

    Justin was born in Medford and now resides in Plymouth with his wife and three young kids.

    He saw the movie Cocktail as a teen, and that inspired him to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. (We could only imagine what would have happened if he had instead seen a different Tom Cruise movie, such as Days of Thunder, Mission Impossible, or Eyes Wide Shut).

    He was featured onscreen himself in an episode of the Dining Playbook, when he was working at the prestigious Lennox Hotel in Boston. You'll appreciate his warm, helpful demeanor that made him so successful there. Like the afternoon a guy arrived for the Twitter conference and Justin told him, "just follow me." Another time, a photon checked in and Justin asked him if needed help with luggage. "Nah, I travel light." And then there was the night during the holiday season when a group of local chess club members were hanging around the lobby, boisterously celebrating their recent tournament victory. He told them, "Let me show you to a private reception room because we can't have chess nuts boasting in an open foyer."

  • Jaime McGuinness
    Sales Manager
    jaime at 781-826-4444 x157

    Jaime was born in Plymouth, and lives there today, but not without a few voyages in between.  On her way to a B.A. in Communication at Bryant University, Jaime spent a semester on the Gold Coast of Australia, an experience she describes as the best four months of her life.

    Jaime hails from a family of educators...her mother and two sisters are teachers, and Jaime worked in collegiate admissions before joining Planet. 

    Jaime represents the Planet philosophy of attracting professionals, men and women, from outside the car business.

    Jaime leases a Subaru Forester.

    Joined Planet:  2013

  • Steve Merrill
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Steve Merrill lives in Hanson with his wife, two boys, and a hound dog named Elvis.  Just kidding...that would be a good name for a hound dog, but his real name is Charlie.   

    Steve was quite an athlete:  he played baseball, lacrosse, hockey, and even semi-pro football.  Fortunate for ailing Subaru's everywhere, Steve ultimately chose auto service over athletics. 

    When he was 14, he rebuilt a 1969 Dart Custom.  Now, after a long day turning wrenches on Subaru's, he goes home and turns wrenches on a 1967 Coronet. He commutes in an Outback.

    Joined Planet: 2005

  • Drew Milan
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 drew at

    Drew was born in Boston and now lives in Quincy with his girlfriend and a passel of pets with oological names. His dog, Egg, is an English Bull Terrier (the distinctive breed in the 1980's Bud Light ads featuring "Spuds Mackenzie.") Continuing the ovum theme, he has cats named Yolko and Shelldon.

    Drew has a degree in visual arts and is now completing a BA in Economics at UMass Lowell. And even though this might sound far-fetched, he also has a dogtorate in canine obedience training, which he obtained while managing a local facility. He was able to train dogs to do darn near anything, expect dance, probably because dogs have two left feet.

  • Telma Miranda
    Subaru Technician

    Telma was born in Brockton and now lives in East Bridgewater.

    One of many veterans and active-duty members of the military on the Planet team, Private First Class Miranda is currently serves in the Massachusetts National Guard, specializing in aviation operations. If your car really takes off after she works on it, now you know why. (We love aviation puns because they always land).

    Among many other talents, Telma also speaks Cape Verdean Creole.

    Telma owns an Impreza.

  • Nicky Moberg
    Assistant Service Manager
    nicky at 781-826-9910

    Nicky was born and raised in Hawaii and now lives in Bridgewater.  She moved to Massachusetts for the weather.  She came to our Planet in 2003. 

    She brings to Planet a big dollop of Hawaiian sunshine in her smile and cheery manner.  She played basketball competively in Hawaii for the Pahoa Daggers.

    Nicky drives an Outback.

  • Jeff Morrill
    jeff at

    Jeff and his brother John founded Planet Subaru in 1998, and Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in 2004.

    Jeff is most proud of his success in gathering the extraordinary team of professionals you see represented on this page. Both dealerships have created many opportunities for people traditionally excluded from the car business.

    The dealerships have won many awards for sales, customer care, and environmental stewardship. They have won seven "best workplace" awards from the Boston Globe and Automotive News for team satisfaction. Also, over the years, the dealerships have reinvested over $400,000 in local non-profits.

    Jeff is a strict vegetarian, even though people tell him it's a big missed steak to eat that way. However, he does like his puns well done.

    He and his wife lease an Outback XT Onyx Edition and a Crosstrek. They have two spoiled cats, River and Simon, adopted from Standish Humane Society.

  • Mark Negron
    Customer Retention Manager
    mark at 781-826-9910

    Mark was born in Puerto Rico and now resides in Norwood.

    He hails from a Navy family, so he grew up at military bases up and down the East Coast. Among many Navy family members, his father served as a submariner and his son serves on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.  Mark was a corpsman (medic) attached to a Marine unit, so he spent more time riding in tanks than boats. His medical training and calm demeanor make him the kind of guy you would want around during an emergency. However, he no longer finds health-related puns very funny since he suffers from an irony deficiency.

    Mark was a customer before he joined the team and drives a Crosstrek.  

    Mark has a passion for environmental stewardship and sustainability. He designed Planet's Ruby Trail and leads other conservation initiatives. He aspires to live his life with kindness to people, animals, and the earth.

  • Pabst
    Assistant Greeter and Blue Collar Worker
    781-826-4444 pabst at

    Pabst was born in Sturbridge and now resides in Weymouth with his companion, Co-owner Dale Lathrop.

    This Golden Retriever really likes to snuggle...if you don't cur-tail his advances, he just may end up sitting in your lap.  Pabst is a pawt-timer, working only a few days a week. You may find him laying around inside, looking fetching, or outside on our huge barking lot. 

    Oh, and his favorite car is the Outback waggin'. 

  • Klaire Perkins
    Internet Sales Manager
    klaire at (781) 826-4444 x116

    Klaire grew up in Whitman and now resides in Hanson on a "compound" of five family homes in a row. Good thing she likes the in-laws!

    One of six women on the sales team at Planet Subaru, Klaire bought her Planet Forester years before she joined us.  When she was ready to make a career change, she chose Planet because we're "earth friendly, animal friendly, and people friendly."

    Away from the dealership, Klaire serves the Standish Humane Society and has rescued many cats over the years.  Asked at one point how she ended up with ten cats in her house, she responded, "Well, I had nine, and then I got one more."

    Klaire's hobbies include mountain biking, rock climbing, and organic gardening.

    Joined Planet:  2015

  • Wanderson Pinales
    Subaru Technician

    Wanderson was born in Bani, Dominican Republic and now lives in Dorchester.

    He grew up playing baseball. He joined the varsity team as a freshman at The English High School in JP when he moved to the United States. His Bulldogs would win the Boston City League Championship all four years he was there. He was the captain of the team his last two years and MVP his senior year.

    His hand-eye coordination is outstanding, which makes him a natural technician. When Wanderson works on your car, we promise you'll have a batter experience than at other dealerships. And since he's a technician, you won't have to worry about getting a sales pitch. We have a ball with him; we hit it off immediately and his jokes leave us in stitches.

    Wanderson drives an Outback.

  • Wascar Pinales
    Subaru Technician

    Wascar was born in Bani, Dominican Republic and now lives in Milton. His brother, Planet technician Wanderson, recruited him to the team. We're not kidding around when we talk about Planet Subaru as a family business--the Pinales brothers are among many other team members who work with a relative in the store.

    Wascar pronounces his name like NASCAR. He doesn't follow that auto racing series, but he hears that it's popular in some circles. In any event, when you get your car back after Wascar works on it, you'll be happy he's on your pit crew.

  • James Richards
    Subaru Technician

    James was born in Taunton and now lives in Plymouth.

    We recruited him from the auto reconditioning field, so you can say he really has attention to detail.

    Off duty, he cares for a dog, Miley; a cat, Tequila; and a gecko, Little Foot. He has the kinesthetic intelligence you would expect from someone who earns a living working with his hands, so he enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and and football with his friends.

    He has an impressive rock collection. To James it has a lot of sedimental value. Perhaps that's why his colleagues lava him so much. He's a real gem, so customers appreciate the good work he does on their vehicles. You won't take him for granite!

  • Don Richmond
    Business Manager
    don at 781-826-4444

    Don was born in Somerville and now lives in Hull.

    As a business manager, he helps customers with financing, registration, and warranties after they choose a car.

    He and his wife have seven kids, and he loves to sea kayak with them. They think he's a five-star dadmiral. It's a shore thing you're going to love him too.

    He cares for a Corgi rescue named Penny.

  • Nate Roman
    General Sales Manager
    nate at 781-826-4444 x113

    Nate resides in Marlborough and makes his commute tolerable with an Outback Limited.  He joined us in 1999, shortly after we opened, and has performed a variety of roles at Planet, including Purchase Partner and Business Manager. 

    In his spare time, he is an amateur astronomer and member of the International Dark Sky Association. 

  • Trevor Rowland
    Subaru Technician

    Trevor now lives in Pembroke but was born in Halifax, Virginia and grew up Florida. After all that hot weather, he's really enjoying all the snow in Boston.

    He composes contemporary electronic music known as "beats." So if your car is baroque-n, Trevor's your guy. Problem with your door Handel? No problem. And if you're not happy with the repairs or maintenance, he'll go Bach and fix it for you.

    Off duty, he loves the outdoors, explored on foot or snowshoes.

  • Andy Ryan
    Assistant Service Manager
    andy at 781-826-9910

    Andy grew up in Marshfield and now resides in Pembroke. 

    In a former life, he played with the hard rock band Ra (named after the Egyptian sun god).
    Even on a fancy tour bus, though, all that time on the road left him pining for his home and family in Massachusetts.  Now his job is to make you feel like a rock star when you service your Subaru at Planet!

    Andy drives an Outback.

    Joined Planet:  2015

  • Maegan Saulenas
    Purchase Partner
    mae at 781-826-4444

    Mae (pronounced May) was born in Brockton and now lives in Bridgewater with her three sons.

    She joined us from the hotel business where she honed her hospitality skills. After learning about the special way we treat customers, let's just say Mae had no reservations about joining the Planet team. And if you didn't get that, don't worry, it was an inn-side joke.

    Off duty, Mae loves to travel, and her favorite destination is the Payette National Forest in Idaho.

  • Mary Smith
    Purchase Partner
    781-826-4444 mary at

    Mary grew up in Marshfield and lives there today.

    With options for every budget, she has many remedies for the "sticker shock" you might experience as cars have increased in price over the years. But if you're having a really bad day, she can also treat actual circulatory shock, because we recruited her from the medical field where she served the community as an emergency medical technician. 

    Mary is athletic, staying healthy by lifting weights and running with Bear, her beast of a German Shepherd. 

  • Rhonda Sommer
    Internet Sales Manager
    rhonda at 781-826-4444 x120

    Rhonda was born in Marblehead and now resides in Norwell.

    She once owned a pretzel restaurant with her sister in the Hanover Mall.  Now, at Planet, she'll save you a lot of dough and promises never to tie you in knots!

    Off duty, Rhonda loves to spend time in the garden, growing vegetables and cruising around in her riding mower.  She also likes playing sports with her two boys who keep her young and fit. 

    Joined Planet:  2015

  • Travis Stewart
    travis at 781-826-4444 x129

    Travis is originally from Florida and now lives in Boston.  He is an owner of Planet Subaru and helped open the dealership in 1998.  As Un-Controller, he supervises the accounting and office teams.  He has a from the University of Central Florida.

    He has an identical twin brother, Trevor, that freaks us out when he visits from Florida because it's like we're seeing double!

  • Bonface Thuo
    Certified Subaru MASTER Technician

    Bonface lives in Taunton.  Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Bonface's journey to Planet Subaru was long and inspiring.  He came to the United States in pursuit of the "American Dream." 

    The mens' and womens' marathon world record holders hail from Kenya, so when Bonface joined the staff, the amateur running team was thrilled to hear that they would have a Kenyan.  Alas, Bonface is an excellent technician but not much of a runner.

    Bonface drives a Subaru Outback.

    Joined Planet: 2006

  • Josh Towne
    Assistant Service Manager
    josh at 781-826-4444

    Josh was born in Halifax and resides there currently. His ties to Massachusetts go WAY back...he is a direct descendant of Sir William Phips--a mariner, treasure hunter, knight, army major general, and the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony who ended the Salem witch trials in the late 1600s. Josh's English lineage is manifest in his striking ginger mane.

    Josh originally joined the Planet team as a technician. He still puts in a lot of time under the hood with his motley personal fleet of five (!) cars plus a school bus (!). Somewhere in there he also made time to complete schooling as an Emergency Medical Technician.

  • Brandon Towne
    Subaru Technician

    Brandon grew up in Wareham and now lives in Halifax.

    Motor oil flows in the blood of the Towne family. His older brother, Josh, first joined the team as a technician and is now a Planet Purchase Partner. The brothers get along famously, and Charles Dickens would be proud that it is always the best of times in this Tale of Two Townes.

    Brandon cares for a chocolate lab named Henry. With dog as his co-pilot, Brandon drives around in a 2001 Outback VDC.

  • Joe Travers
    Assistant Special Affairs Manager

    Joe was born in Dorchester and now resides in Marshfield.

    Back in the day, Joe sold cars at Planet Subaru. He retired, but now he's back with us part time. He helps us with driving, greeting, and all those things in a dealership that require a friendly, efficient person to handle.

    He has two sons, one a guidance counselor and the other a captain in the army. One of his favorite memories is the day the three of them parachuted out of a plane together.

    During the work day he drives a wide range for Planet, but off duty he goes to the driving range because he loves to golf. Of course he also likes other sports, cheering on the Patriots and Bruins.

    Joe drives an Outback and his wife drives a Legacy.

  • Eric Urbanowicz
    Business Manager
    eric at 781-826-4444

    Eric was born in Hanson and now resides there, but with many different addresses in between.  He grew up in Ft. Myers and graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. 

    Before joining Planet, he was a personal trainer.  He built and sold a small chain of fitness franchises.  With a resting heart rate of 55 and the ability to bench press 300 pounds, he is the only Planeteer who can help you shrink your car payment and your waistline at the same time!

    Eric joined us a Purchase Partner in 2014 and he earned a promotion to Business Manager in 2020.

  • Ronnie Van Beek
    Subaru Certified Senior MASTER Technician

    Ronnie was born in Springfield and now lives in Hanson.

    He began his mechanical career milling critical parts for submarines using a computer numerical control machine. He takes it as a complement when we tell him that his work is sub-standard or below C-level!

    Among other superlatives, Ronnie wins the Planet Prize for Epic Beardness.  

  • Rob Webster
    Subaru Technician

    Rob was born in Hingham and still lives there almost four decades later. 

    He began working on cars professionally at age 17 and never stopped.  He wears his passion for cars "on his sleeve," literally:  he has tattoos of pistons, spark plugs, wrenches, and exhaust pipes on his arms!

    This mild mannered professional loves working with his hands; off duty, he plays drums in a rock band. 

    Rob drives an Impreza.

    Joined Planet:  2013

  • Allie Webb
    Lead Assistant Service Manager
    allie at 781-826-9910

    Allie is a Plymouth native and lived there her whole life until a recent big move across the border into Kingston.

    Allie wears many hats:  helping you in and out quickly, making appointments, answering questions, and keeping all the paperwork in good order.  She is keen on detail--we recruited her from a position assuring quality and inspecting electrical circuitry with a microscope.  So she knows how to stay grounded and make sure you're not overcharged!

    Though she bears a passing resemblance to pop artist Britney Spears, Allie doesn't sing. Instead, she paints with watercolors, a creative pursuit she inherited from her grandmother. She also likes getting outside with her toy poodle, Maggie. 

    Allie drives an Impreza

  • Marc Wilcox
    Subaru Technician

    Marc was born in Hunan, China, grew up in Carlisle, and now lives Quincy. Marc and his sister were adopted.

    One of many veterans and active-duty members of the military on the Planet team, Marc joined us after a tour in the Air Force National Guard, specializing in aircraft structural maintenance.

    Marc has a passion for military history, especially World War II.

    Marc dotes on two cats, Bloob and Izzy. This might explain why your Subaru purrs like a kitten after he works on it.

  • Max Youmans
    Purchase Partner
    max at 781-826-4444 extension 135

    Max grew up in Quincy and now lives just a few doors down from the dealership in Hanover with his Shiba Inu, Keira. 

    Before he ever walked through the door as a customer, Max was a raving Subaru fan. He learned of an opening in our parts department while shopping for a car, and joined us in 2008. After a decade memorizing the ten-digit part number for nearly every piece that goes on a Subaru, he was ready for a new challenge. He moved to the sales department in 2019, where his comprehensive Subaru knowledge comes in handy every day.

    With a last name starting in Y, he was always the kid at the end of the classroom roll call (and now the last member on our team roster here). But as a Planet Purchase Partner, he'll be first in your heart. 

    He leases an Outback Touring XT and owns a 2006 STi. 


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