Where do I take my Subaru lease return?

  Did you know Planet will take your Subaru lease return, even if you didn't buy it from us?  Are other dealers making it difficult to return your lease?

 We make it quick and easy.  

  • Even if you have a few remaining payments, we can often make them for you so you don't have to pay anything!
  • Depending on the circumstances, we can waive mileage charges, damage charges, and your disposition fee. 
  • We'll even give you a ride home.

Just call Corey Warren, Nate Roman, or Dale Lathrop at 781-826-4444 for more information, or email us.   

Haven't leased yet?  Compare leasing to buying.



Planet helps those with a Subaru lease return in Boston, Quincy, Braintree, Plymouth, Cape Cod, and Cambridge.