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Newest Subaru Model Updates


Forester: 2019 vs 2018

Impreza:  2018 vs 2017

WRX and STi: 2018 vs 2017


Crosstrek:  2018 vs 2017

Subaru Ascent: 2019

Subaru vs Subaru

WRX vs STi



Subaru Quick Pick Chart

Outback vs Ascent

Subaru vs Competition


Legacy vs Camry vs Accord

Nissan Rogue vs Forester

Ascent vs Highlander vs Pilot

Outback vs VW Golf Alltrack

Honda Pilot vs Honda CR-V



On Buying




If you live in the Boston area, whether its metro-west, south shore, or north shore, Planet has the most useful information for your Subaru purchase.  We review all the Subaru models, compare them with each other and the competition.