The Planet Way



This nice couple from Whitman thought one brand new Tribeca in Deep Indigo Pearl was a good idea, and after enjoying their experience with Lauri they decided that TWO would be even better!  We're still not sure how they're going to keep them straight.  We have sold many "his and hers" Subaru's before, but these are the first identical cars!

Most dealerships would be afraid to publicize the steps they follow when working with a customer.  At Planet, we tell you so you know exactly what to expect.  Unlike other dealerships, the more you know about Planet the better we look.  No pressure, No polyester, No problems! 

Step 1:  Be a first-class person 
Make good decisions about your health, family, and career so you're ready to serve.

Step 2:  Warm welcome
Learn each guest's name and thank them for considering Planet.

Step 3:  Get to know your guests

Learn about their needs, budget, and special circumstances.

Step 4:  Select a Vehicle
Discover the vehicle that makes the most sense for them.

Step 5: 
Demonstrate the Vehicle
Show the features that fit the guests' needs and confirm that the vehicle meets those needs.

Step 6:  Guest Drive

Give your guests the opportunity to experience the vehicle on a safe route.

Step 7:  Option Selection
Find the best way to meet the guests' needs and budget.  Appraise any trade-in.  Complete the paperwork.  Meet with the business office to evaluate financing options.  

Step 8:  Taking Ownership
Prepare the vehicle.  Show all the features and buttons of the new vehicle.  Introduce the new members of the Planet family to the service team.

Step 9:  Follow-Up
Ensure that the experience went well and confirm that the new vehicle is performing well. 

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Planet describes the Subaru undealership process for buyers in Somerville, Brockton, Watertown, Boston, and Plymouth. 
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