What does the Subaru Keyless Access System do?
Keyless Access allows you to enter and start your car without ever touching the smart key in your pocket or purse. 

Subaru uses two different styles of remotes depending on the model.  No traditional metal key is visible, but one is hidden inside as a back up.

Instead of inserting a traditional metal key,
just push the start/stop button

How does it work?

Your key communicates via radio waves with multiple antennas in the car.  When you walk up to your car, your key tells the car that you are an authorized user.  Simply pull on the door handle to open it.  To start, just put your foot on the brake and push the button.

1 = Antenna Locations
2 = Approximate operating range


What about security?
The system maintains security by constantly changing the radio frequency, making it very difficult for a thief to enter your car. 

What models have Keyless Access and Push Button Start?
All 2015 and later Subaru models offer it as an option on higher trim levels. If you're looking for a used Subaru, it was introduced incrementally:
  • 2013:  Outback, BRZ  
  • 2014:  Forester, Crosstrek
  • 2015:  Impreza, Legacy, WRX/STi

What is PIN Access?
2015 and later Subarus with the Keyless Access system also come equipped with PIN Access, which allows you to input a PIN code to open the trunk/tailgate without having the key at all.  Watch our Planet-exclusive video to learn more about it.  (Forester and WRX/STi excluded).

How do I add a remote starter?
We can install a genuine Subaru remote starter in your car that will function right through the existing factory remote fob.

Where can I find copious detail on the operation of the Keyless Access and Push Button Start system?
Visit Planet's free Subaru Owner's Manual page by selecting your vehicle and choosing the "Keys and Doors" chapter.

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