This is how the roof looked right before the work started.  All the stone is river rock, which was already on the roof to improve the energy efficiency of the building by reflecting radiant heat in the summer and insulating the building in the winter.  


The video below shows how the river rock is removed where the panels will go.  A couple of boys from Pennsylvania pull it off with the biggest vacuum cleaner you've ever seen.  Roofers refer affectionately to these guys as the "Suck Brothers."  Or in Boston, the "Suck Brothahs."    You will also see an old air conditioner being picked off the roof by a crane to make way for the panels. 

The video below shows the roof with the river rock cleared off, and the flat concrete pavers in place that will hold the racking system down.  The system relies on gravity to hold it in place rather than the tedious and potentially leaky option of drilling bolts into the roof.

Those are pallets of solar panels going on to the building, 374 panels in all. 

Panels and racking supplies awaiting installation.  Mental note:  do this in the summer next time.

Twelve panels down, 362 to go! 

One Sub-array Almost Finished

Not much installing going on today. 

We made a coffee table out of a solar panel so you can see one up close in the showroom.  Stop by and see it.  It's really cool.

The snow, combined with the pallets of solar panels, deflected the roof one day so we closed the dealership out of caution.  We removed the snow and everything was fine.  News report courtesy of WHDH Channel 7, the local NBC affiliate.

Snow is gone and we're back in business with the installation. 

All 374 panels have been installed.  Now they're wiring them up.

Planet Subaru.  Your unDealership.