Planet Subaru, a Massachusetts franchised Subaru Dealer near Boston, has bought enough parts to produce the last 41 Subaru Baja's in history.  Last manufactured in 2006, the Baja enjoyed a brief production run starting in 2003.   

Earlier this year, a representative for the pop singer Justin Timberlake set out to find twenty Baja's that would appear in a video for the soon-to-be-released acoustic remake of his hit, "Bringing Sexy Back."   The agent, Samuel Wellman, from Inspiration Talent Associates, simply did a Google search of "hard to find new and used Subarus" and found Planet Subaru. 

called Planet Subaru's General Sales Manager, Dale Lathrop, and told him he wanted twenty Baja's for the Timberlake video.  "I thought this was one of my buddies playing a prank but the request was real," said Lathrop.  "At least one of the Baja's had to be brand new because of the close-up camera work.  I asked our Parts Manager, Steve Crosby, to see if he could scrounge up the parts for at least one.  Turns out he tracked down enough parts spread around the various North American parts warehouses to make forty-one complete units.  Steve is the best in the business, which is no surprise considering the superstar talent at Planet Subaru." 

All the cars will be yellow because most of the body panels are already that color.  The hoods, however, will be black because they were made out of aluminum and finished by the supplier in black.  Planet Subaru Sales Manager Corey Warren explains:  "We could have the hoods painted yellow to match the rest of the car, but we thought we could enhance the cars' collectibility if they were finished in two-tone.  We're having badges made that say Bumblebee Baja."

The US EPA needed to certify the emissions for the vehicles and didn't know what model year they were.  Said Service Manager Brett Quinn, "We couldn't use "2006" because the EPA had already certified the entire run that year.  So then we thought we could use "2007," since that's the next year after 2006.  But the EPA didn't like that either, because the cars are being assembled in 2011.  In the end, they said we could combine the years, so we're calling them Seven-Elevens."  

Planet Subaru will produce all 41 Baja's at its eleven-acre facility in Hanover, Massachusetts.  Planet Subaru's certified Master Technicians will assemble them.  The first one is already complete.  Max Youmans, Planet Parts Advisor, is the official test driver.  While putting it through its paces on Route 53 last week, Youmans was pulled over and cited by the police for 'Too Much Awesome.'  Said Youmans, "I have never heard of such a thing, but the car was stopping a lot of traffic.  Anyway, I talked to my lawyer and she thought she could get the charges thrown out because in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there is no statutory limit on 'Awesome.'"

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About Planet Subaru:

Planet Subaru, a Hanover, Massachusetts-based franchised dealership, is one of the largest Subaru showrooms in the world and the only one powered entirely by the sun.  Widely acclaimed for customer service excellence and environmental stewardship, Planet is "your undealership," the alternative to the typical dealership.  Planet Subaru's sister store, Franklin, Massachusetts-based Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram shares the Planet Subaru philosophy.