"What is the difference between Crosstrek and Countryman?



5 Minute Video.  Lots of text and pics below. 

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for people bored with details:

It's tough to beat a Subaru for reliability, value, all-weather prowess, and overall utility.  It's hard to beat a turbocharged Mini for zippy thrills, slot car handling, and the opportunity to have a very close relationship with the folks in the repair department at the Mini dealership.   Mini costs about $5,000 more

 Review and Specs
 Crosstrek orange, Countryman white

Ground clearance

Crosstrek:  8.7 inches
Countryman:  6.3 inches

Countryman looks the part but can't run with the big dogs in deep snow or mud.   


Both are same width.

Crosstrek is over a foot longer. 
Countryman is great for parking in Boston...but you give up a lot of interior space.


Crosstrek is two inches taller.







Ride Quality
With its "long travel suspension" Crosstrek rides much more enjoyably over these crappy New England roads. ("Travel" is just a fancy way of saying that there is more space for the suspension to compress, which results in a more compliant ride.)  Countryman rides more like a sports car, and you feel every road imperfection.


Lots of suspension travel

Believe it or not, that's a
heart in the center cap. 
Cheeky Brits!


Cargo Space

Cooper:  41.3 cubic feet
Crosstrek:  51.9 cubic feet

They don't call it a Mini for nothin'.  You won't fit a big old dawg like Blue
in a Countryman.   More "people space" in the Crosstrek, too:  120 cubic feet to 103. 




All Wheel Drive Systems

was built from the ground up with all wheel drive; Cooper started life as a rear driver and then they bolted on a lot of extra hardware later. 


Cooper comes with free scheduled maintenance during warranty period.  Of course, for the difference in price, you can pay for a lot of oil changes on a Crosstrek.

3 year or 36,000 mile
"bumper to bumper"

5 year or 60,000 mile

powertrain warranty

4 year, 50,000 miles
"bumper to bumper"

No additional
powertrain warranty.

Mini is about a second quicker 0-60mph. 

2.0 liter four cylinder
148 horsepower

1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder
208 horsepower

Fuel Economy
Mini requires premium gas.   

Continuously variable
automatic transmission:

26 city, 34 highway

Six-speed automatic:
 25 city, 31 highway

Fuel Tank
You won't be able to drive past as many gas stations in the Mini.  

15.9 gallons

540 mile maximum range

12.4 gallons

384 mile maximum range


Crosstrek is pretty conventional; Mini looks like it had a few gin and tonics. 


Purchase and Ownership Experience
You can buy a Subaru at Planet, but not a Mini.


Typical dealership experience.

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