Executive Summary of 2017 WRX and STi Updates

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Introduced as an all-new model for the 2015 model year, Subaru made a surprising number of changes on the 2016 model considering the car was just introduced one year prior.  Some of those changes included:

  • EyeSight® Driver Assist available on a WRX for the first time, only with Sport Lineartronic transmission
  • Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert standard with Eyesight package
  • Subaru STARLINK Multimedia Touch Screen Infotainment in all trim levels
  • Standard 18-inch wheels and summer performance tires on WRX Premium and Limited
  • WRX STI Limited available with low-profile rear trunk spoiler
  • The 2017 model represents the third year of Subaru's typical five-year product cycle.  Traditionally, Subaru makes only minimal changes in the third year in advance of a "refresh" in the fourth year that updates the interior and exterior appearance.  2017 Dimensions, sheet metal, and most specifications  are identical to the 2016 model. 

    Subaru will not introduce a hatchback for 2017.  Subaru first introduced a WRX in 2002 and produced a wagon twelve years in a row, so we were surprised to lose it in 2015.  We expect to see a hatch eventually return but it will probably be a while, no earlier than 2018 and more likely in 2020 when we expect an all new WRX built on the platform first introduced on the 2017 Impreza.  Globally, demand for Subaru vehicles significantly exceeds Subaru's factory capacity to build them, so Subaru isn't looking to add variants right now.  Engineering a hatch version would require significant investment and would not add sales.   

    Subaru is making only minor changes to the 2017 WRX and STi:
    • All models receive new tricot headliners.
    • Previously only offered on premium trim and higher, the base WRX STI offers auto on/off headlights in auto mode position with windshield wiper operation.
    • Previously only available on Limited model, Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are now available on base STi.
    • Reverse automatic braking is now standard on WRX Limited with EyeSight. 

    Subaru introduced two new special editions in Japan, but we won't see those models stateside.  We may, however, eventually see parts and pieces from these JDM (Japan Domestic Market) versions.  Subaru extracts another 28 horsepower from the zippy 2.0 FA engine, and the WRX S207 (or "Type S") gets another 21 lb-ft of stump-pulling torque from the venerable 2.5 EJ, up to 311.  (Not that anybody was complaining about the torque in the STi).

    WRX S4 (Japan only)

    WRX S207 (Japan Only)

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    Planet-exclusive Subaru STi Limited Photo Gallery (current model):  click to enlarge


    2017 WRX

    Engines and Power
    No changes to the intercooled, four cylinder, turbocharged Boxer engine with direct fuel injection and Subaru Dual Active Valve Control System.  It already boasts an astounding torque curve, with peak beginning at 2,000 rpm and going all the way to 5,200 rpm.  


    268 horsepower
    258 lb.-ft torque


    305 horsepower
    290 lb.-ft torque

    It's financially prohibitive to introduce brand new engines every year.



    No changes here.   

    Six Speed

    Sport Lineartronic CVT
    with stepped manual and
    automatic shift modes
    controlled with steering
    wheel paddle switches. 


    This generation of WRX is the first ever WRX with a six speed manual.  Previously, you had to pay the bigger bucks for the STi to get the six speed.  Also, this generation is the first time a CVT was ever offered as a option on the WRX. 

    0-60 Time and Top Speed

    Manual:  5.4 Seconds
    Automatic:  5.7 seconds
    Top Speed:  155 mph

    4.8 seconds
    Top Speed:  174 mph

    No performance changes.

    Driver Assistance Tech
    Subaru Eyesight was available as an option for the first time last year on the WRX.
      Available only on the Limited CVT model, it now gets Reverse Automatic Braking too.

    Eyesight cameras.

    When Subaru introduces new technologies, it usually offers them on its most expensive models. For example, Subaru offered its Vehicle Dynamics Control in 2001 only on the most expensive trim level of the Outback.  By 2009, it was standard on every Subaru.  Eyesight first appeared on the flagship Outback and Legacy models in 2013, then Forester in 2014, then Impreza and Crosstrek in 2015.  You can see where this is going. 

    Last year Subaru introduced a new center stack that incorporated Starlink touchscreen infotainment so no changes for 2017.  You will, however see a new headliner.


    WRX center stack

    WRX seats

    6.2 inch infotainment system incorporating a Rear Vision Camera is standard.  Limited models get 7 inch screen with additional capability.


    Subaru typically increases prices a few hundred dollars per year.

    2017 WRX base model starts at $27,515
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    Subaru only increased this price by $125 over last year's model. 

    2017 Colors


    Standard equipment at each trim level:

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