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Executive Summary

The 2022 Crosstrek is on sale now at Planet Subaru. They arrived after the new year, which is fairly late for a model to appear...we typically see the next year's model in the fall of the prior year, but the chip shortage has had a big impact on the global auto industry.

Subaru debuted the current generation Crosstrek in 2013 (then called the XV Crosstrek), and introduced an all-new Crosstrek for the 2018 model year. There were significant changes...it grew slightly in size and now rides on an all-new platform with 40% better crash absorption capability. 

On its volume products, including Crosstrek, Subaru typically introduces all-new models on a five-year product cycle.  Take a look at the way this cycle unfolds on the Crosstrek:

Model year (and sequence in product cycle):Change:
2018 (first year)
All new design from the ground up
2019 (second year)
Very similar to prior year
2020 (third year)
Very similar to prior year
2021 (fourth year)
"Refresh": exterior and interior revisions
2022 (fifth year)
Very similar to prior year

Historically, Subaru makes very few changes in the fifth model year of the product cycle. The changes made in the fourth year, known as the "Big Minor Change," carry over. Last year, Subaru introduced its first ever Crosstrek Sport model, and with it the first 2.5 liter engine ever in a Crosstrek. Most customers find the standard 2.0 liter engine (currently with 152 horsepower) quite sufficient, but the new engine will satisfy those who want extra power, including customers who tow or live in mountainous terrain. The 2.5 liter engine kicks out 182 horsepower. Other Sport features include the popular leather-alternative StarTex interior. Subaru now also makes the 2.5 liter engine standard on the Crosstrek Limited model, a trim level that has been available since the car was introduced for the 2013 model year.

And what about a new Wilderness variant, designed for pretty serious off-roading? The expanding family of these hard-core Subarus began with the Outback and Forester. They include even more ground clearance, rugged wheels with all terrain tires, more aggressive exterior styling and approach/departure angles, durable StarTex interior upholstery, skid plates, a full-size spare tire, and much more. You won't see a Crosstrek Wilderness model for the 2022 model year, but we expect to see one in 2023 even though Subaru hasn't made any announcements confirming this.

Note: the video below shows the 2021 changes, but those continue to the 2022 model.
Read up on the changes made on last year's model that will continue.

All-New Crosstrek Sport

Crosstreks through the years:
Subaru technically introduced the XV Crosstrek name in 2013, but Subaru debuted its "mini-ute" as the Impreza Outback Sport in 1996.  Through four generations, the basic formula remains the same:  start with an Impreza hatchback, raise the suspension, and give it a rugged exterior. 


Subaru maintained maximum cool factor with this latest generation, but changed almost everything.  Built on an all-new platform that will ultimately underpin most Subaru models, crash absorption capability increases by a stunning 40%. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto debut, along with an optional power seat and Harmon Kardan audio.  New Eyesight features include rear automatic braking, steering responsive headlights, and high-beam assist.
2013 through 2017

Subaru became the compact SUV to beat with this recent generation.  Introducing a continuously variable transmission and new 2.0 liter engine lifted fuel economy to 33 mpg highway.  Other new features included the optional Eyesight driver assistance system. Subaru hit the styling bullseye, producing one of the coolest looking utility vehicles available.  Outward visibility remains outstanding.  Subaru's first hybrid powerplant appeared in the 2014 Crosstrek.

2008 through 2011

Subaru stretched the wheelbase on this generation, appealing to a much broader audience who required more room for people, dogs, and gear.    

2002 through 2007

The previous generation lacked refinement, so Subaru upped its game with a standard 2.5 liter engine, modern interior, and side airbags.  Exterior styling went from weird to handsome.   

1996 through 2001

Subaru introduced the Impreza Outback Sport in 1996 with a 2.2 liter
Boxer engine by adding a long-travel suspension and styling we call "rugged whizbang."  Added equipment included crossbars, hood scoop, two tone paint, and phat fog lights.  It looks a little goofy today, but this car really pioneered the mini-ute craze in the industry that is just now coming into full bloom.

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