Top Ten Subaru Accessories

You can customize your brand new Subaru with hundreds of genuine Subaru accessories.  Here are the favorites at Planet.

Autodim Mirror with Compass and Homelink
Saves you from getting bursitis while manually toggling your mirror.  Compass is cool too.

  Homelink buttons on bottom

Without homelink
$310 installed,
with Homelink.

$225 installed,
without Homelink.

Standard on some models, available on the rest.

Splash Guards
Protect the paint from stone chips and give the car a more aggressive appearance.  Set of four.


$190 installed.

Available on all models except BRZ and WRX/STi. 

Puddle Lights
Two LED's under each door create little pools of light to illuminate the area around your car.


$300 installed.

Available on Tribeca, Legacy, Outback.

Create the foundation for Subaru's various racks, or just attach your stuff right to the bars.  Set of two.


$200 (you install with four screws).

Standard on Outback.
vailable on all wagons with roof rails.  (Wagons without rails can use roof carrier bars).

Remote Start
It's more expensive than the cheapo you could buy at the stereo store, but:
  • It works every time and won't screw up your  electrical system.
  • Saves you the expense of programming an extra chipped key to keep in the car so the cheapo can bypass the security system.


$510 to $560 installed,
depending on model.

Available on all models.

Cargo Tray
Protects the cargo area carpet from Blue
and other hazards.  Spilled liquids, such as drool, pool up and hose right off. 


$70 (no install required)  

Standard on some models, available for the rest.  Dawg is extra. 

Luggage Cover
Hides your stuff to prevent
smash-n-grabs in the parking lot.


$170 (no install required)

Standard on some models, available for all other models.

All Weather Mats
These heavy-duty rubber mats replace the standard carpeted mats and tolerate years of abuse.  Set of four.



Available on all models.

Seatback Protectors
You'll want these to protect the seatback carpet if you fold your seats down often.
Set of two. 

$60 (you install simply)

Available on Outback and Impreza.

Rear Bumper Protector
Protects your bumper from all the scratches that occur when your kids drag their stuff out of the back


$100 installed

Available on all wagons except Impreza, which has an available clear applique.


Options to save even more:

  • Accessory prices include installation as noted; you can save money if you would like to install them yourself.
  • Some accessories come factory installed for less money; selecting accessories at the time of factory order will save money over dealer installation.  


We offer professional Subaru parts and accessory installation for Subaru buyers in Boston, Cape Cod, Weymouth, Plymouth, and Brockton.