What is the difference between the
Crosstrek Hybrid and the "regular" Crosstrek?  

  • Hybrid gets 35mpg combined compared to 29mpg for the regular 2.0 liter version. Electric-only range is approximately 17 miles and speeds up to 65mph. Total range is 480 miles.
  • Hybrid configuration reduces towing capacity by 500 pounds to 1,000 and the batteries consume some of the storage space in the rear cargo area, reducing cubic feet from 55.3 to 43.1.
  • Hybrid models will be extremely limited in availability and initially will be available only in those ten states that have adopted the California zero emissions standards. The other states include Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Planet Subaru's world headquarters in Massachusetts, and other northeastern states.
  • Hybrid powertrain knocks a second off the 0-60 sprint.
  • Hybrid gets unique interior and exterior appointments and is available only in fancy trims, with leather standard.
  • Hybrid is quieter by 5 decibels because of additional sound insulation.
  • Ground clearance (8.7") and off-road capability are comparable.
  • Release date: on sale now at Planet Subaru.




Priced at $34,995 plus $975 for destination and delivery. The Crosstrek Hybrid qualifies you for a federal tax credit of up to $4,500 after purchase. There are a variety of other tax credits, incentives, and discounts offered by state and local governments - even from energy utilities and employers. With all that plus an estimated annual gas savings of $350, the Crosstrek Hybrid adds up to a smart investment for years to come.

The Hybrid features the new Subaru StarDrive Technology that uniquely integrates electric motors, a 2.0-liter direct-injection SUBARU BOXER® engine, Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, and a new Lineartronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

Subaru StarDrive Technology employs two electric motors. One motor functions as an engine starter. Conversely, it can be powered by the engine to function as a generator for the hybrid battery. The second motor powers the vehicle for hybrid and electric driving modes. It also charges the hybrid battery during regenerative braking.

The Crosstrek Hybrid is capable of speeds up to 65 mph when in full electric mode and is a full second faster from 0 to 60 mph than the standard Crosstrek. The new powertrain not only yields quicker acceleration, but up to 90 MPGe with a total range of 480 miles.

The high-capacity lithium-ion battery, mounted beneath the cargo area, enables the Hybrid to achieve an EV range of 17 miles, which covers a variety of trips.

An electronically controlled brake system has been developed. Braking control has been optimized to distribute braking force between the regenerative brakes and mechanical brakes, thereby maximizing the amount of power regeneration to improve fuel efficiency and extended battery life.

Like the Crosstrek, the Crosstrek Hybrid is built around the Subaru Global Platform that was designed to accommodate hybrid and electric powertrains. The standard Linerartronic CVT features X-MODE and Hill Descent Control for enhanced performance in low-friction and off-road conditions. The Crosstrek Hybrid's 8.7-inches of ground clearance and 1,000 lb. towing capacity provide versatility in both off-road and city driving. The 60/40-split fold-down rear seats offer up to 43.1 cu.ft of cargo space, enough space for camping gear or luggage. The standard SI-DRIVE is a powertrain performance management system that allows the driver to tailor the vehicle's throttle characteristics by choosing between "Intelligent" and "Sport" modes. Standard Active Torque Vectoring, first introduced on the WRX model line, applies light brake pressure to the inside front wheel while cornering for improved control and handling.

Exclusive to the Crosstrek Hybrid is a striking new exterior color, Lagoon Blue Pearl, one of four available hues. The SUV is further distinguished by blue headlight projector rings and unique silver metallic finish on the front grille, lower front bumper and body cladding, and fog light accents. The low-profile roof rails and spoiler in black finish, along with unique 18-inch wheels in black with machine finish, accentuate this model's sleek styling. A "Plug-In Hybrid" badge adorns the rear gate and fenders, and "Plug-In" text is imprinted in the charge port door.

The Hybrid's interior features exclusive new high-contrast Gray and Navy-Blue leather seats, door panels and armrests. The cabin is complemented with blue stitching and accent panels throughout.

With safety as a top priority, the Crosstrek Hybrid comes standard with a suite of driver-assist and safety features. EyeSight Driver Assist Technology includes Pre-Collision Braking and Throttle Management; Adaptive Cruise Control; Lane Departure and Sway Warning; and Lane Keep Assist. For the first time in a Subaru vehicle, a Driver Assist Indicator has been installed at the top of the combination meter to increase visibility of EyeSight status or other warnings. Standard Steering Responsive Headlights illuminate curves as the vehicle steers into them. Reverse Automatic Braking can apply the vehicle's brakes if an obstacle is detected while reversing. LED High Beam Assist encourages the driver to maximize the use of high beams without worry of impairing oncoming traffic. Blind Spot Detection with Lane Change Assist and Cross Traffic Alert is also standard. Further, the Hybrid features a Pedestrian Alert System that provides an audible warning to pedestrians within the proximity of the vehicle when it is traveling below 20 mph. Like all 2019 Crosstrek models, the Hybrid comes standard with seven airbags including driver and front passenger frontal airbags, side curtain airbags, side pelvis/torso airbags and a driver's knee airbag.

An option package priced at $2,500 offers a power moonroof, heated steering wheel and STARLINK 8.0-inch Multimedia Navigation system with voice activated navigation powered by TomTom. Also included with the package is a Harman Kardon 8-speaker system with 432-watt equivalent amplifier.


All new Crosstreks purchased at Planet come standard with:


When will Subaru come out with a fully-electric vehicle?

Soon...the Solterra. Subaru will begin selling a vehicle with an all-electric powertrain in 2023 as a 2024 model. Read more about that vehicle here.

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

A plug-in hybrid vehicle uses both an electric motor and gas-powered engine to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. The battery is large enough to allow electric-only operation, allowing the vehicle to be powered completely by its electric engine over limited range, and can be charged at home or a charging station, as well as by its gas-powered engine.

How can I charge the Crosstrek Hybrid and how do I find the closest charging station?

Owners can charge their vehicle at home or anywhere there's a 120V outlet using the included Level 1 charging cable - or at any charging station with a 240V/Level 2 charger. And with the new Charge Finder app, drivers are able to locate thousands of charging station throughout the country on their head unit.

Do I need to plug in the Hybrid before I drive it?

The Crosstrek Hybrid will run even if it's not charged, as it can be driven with gasoline by operating on the gas-powered SUBARU BOXER® engine. However, in order to maximize fuel efficiency, it's recommended to charge the vehicle.

Do I need gas in the tank?

Yes. The Crosstrek Hybrid always requires gas as the vehicle will use the gas engine for power when certain conditions are met.

What is the expected driving range?

The Crosstrek Hybrid has a total range of up to 480 miles using both the electric- and gas-powered engines together and is capable of recharging the electric battery while driving. It can travel using only the electric motor for up to 17 miles. The Crosstrek Hybrid fuel tank holds 13.2 gallons.

How long does the Crosstrek Hybrid take to charge and how can I monitor charging status?

The time it takes to fully charge the Crosstrek Hybrid varies based on the charging option. Level 1 charging occurs when using the included 120V charging cable and can take approximately five hours to fully charge. Level 2 charging happens when using a 240V charger and can fill the battery in around two hours. Charging status can be monitored remotely through the MySubaru app.

Is a charging cable included with the vehicle and where can I purchase additional chargers?

A Level 1 charging cable comes standard with the Crosstrek Hybrid. You can purchase additional Level 1 charging cables at your local authorized Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid retailer. Level 2 chargers for use at home can be purchased from a third-party provider. Level 2 charging stations should be installed by a professional licensed electrician.

What type of charger do I need to charge the Crosstrek Hybrid?

The Crosstrek Hybrid can be charged using a Level 1 (120V) or Level 2 (240V) charger. The vehicle cannot be charged using a DC charger or Tesla® Supercharger.

How long is the battery designed to last?

The battery is designed to last the life of the vehicle.

Can the Crosstrek Hybrid drive off-road?

Yes. The Crosstrek Hybrid is fully capable of driving in off-road conditions with its standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Consult your Owner's Manual for more details.

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