Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid vs. Regular Gas

What is the difference between the
Crosstrek Hybrid and the "regular" Crosstrek?  

Five Minute Video Comparing the Models




All new Crosstreks come standard with:
  • Many safety features, including full-time all wheel drive  (with no buttons to push), Vehicle Dynamics Control  (VDC) to prevent skids, anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, and much more.  See our Planet-exclusive Subaru Safety page. 
  • Many convenience features, including Bluetooth hands-free phone and audio connectivity, air conditioning, keyless entry, cd player, power windows, power mirrors, and much more. 
  • The utility and all-weather prowess of a sport utility vehicle without the sacrifices in cost, fuel economy, ride, and poor outward visibility.

All new Crosstreks purchased at Planet come standard with:


Subaru built the Crosstrek Hybrid from 2014 through 2016.  You can no longer buy a new one, but we carry low-mileage used ones (scroll down to search our inventory).  Both Crosstreks share the same height, width, length, ground clearance, and interior space.  The hybrid gets ten percent better fuel economy, has 12 more horsepower, and has a variety of appearance upgrades to distinguish it from the regular Crosstrek.  The Hybrid accelerates and handles even more responsively than the gasoline version.  If you can swing the extra $3,000 for the Hybrid, you'll love it because it's quieter, smoother, and more substantial-feeling than the regular 2.0i.

(We are asked often when we expect a Subaru plug-in hybrid.  California's demanding and complicated emissions laws will require all-electric vehicles starting in 2018, so we expect to see a low-volume electric or plug-in hybrid Subaru vehicle, perhaps a Crosstrek, available for sale in some states around that time, though nothing is official yet.) 

Crosstrek 2.0i

Crosstrek Hybrid

Ride Quality
Subaru retuned the Hybrid's suspension and revised the steering ratio to give the XV Crosstrek Hybrid sharper handling responses. Numerous enhancements that help to reduce noise include thicker floor sections, under-floor covers and additional sound insulation. 





Hybrid model is $3,000 more but comes with a lot more standard equipment too. 



Hybrid gets unique color called Plasma Green, and various visual cues to distinguish it from its sibling. 



Hybrid gets LED's, which use less power than conventional incandescent bulbs.  



Hybrid gets integrated turn signals.  Both enjoy placement of the mirror that permits an extra window in the corner, giving incredible outward visibility in both Crosstreks.

Door Handles

Hybrid gets fancy chrome inserts.   


Hybrid gets push button start. 


Hybrid badges abound.



Cargo Area
Cargo covers have been removed so you can see how Hybrid's nickel metal hydride battery consumes space where spare tire sits in the gas model.  Hybrid gives you inflator kit for small leaks. 





Visit our exclusive hybrid powertrain page to learn all about what makes the Hybrid's engine so special.  

148 Horsepower

160 Horsepower

Fuel Economy
Hybrid shines in the city, which is typical of hybrid models.  Depending on the year, you will see the EPA highway figure on both cars at 33 or 34 because they vary their testing procedures year to year.  

Continuously variable
auto transmission
26 city, 34 highway

Five-speed manual:
23 city, 30 highway

Fuel tank:  15.9 gallons

Continuously variable
auto transmission

30 city, 34 highway

Five-speed manual:
not available

Fuel tank:  14.5 gallons

Additional Hybrid model features not already described above:

  • Re-engineered chassis to handle battery system mass, which improves handling, steering and ride;
  • Added sound insulation;
  • Automatic start/stop feature which turns off the engine when sitting at red lights;
  • Brake regeneration to recapture energy when you coast or apply the brakes;
  • Revised climate controls;
  • Unique instrument cluster;
  • Color Multi-Function Display that shows the hybrid system's energy flow according to driving conditions;
  • Active Grille Shutter system helps reduce air resistance;
  • Air conditioning uses a temperature and humidity sensor to optimize operation for reduced engine draw.
  • Audible vehicle approach pedestrian alert system

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