Forester Premium vs CR-V EX AWD 


Planet's Executive Summary

The "Small Crossover" segment of the auto industry continues to expand because these vehicles offer so much utility, value, and fuel economy.  For well under $30,000, you can drive a safe, stylish, and practical vehicle with a great reputation for quality. Nationally, the CR-V is the bigger seller. (Honda offers a cheaper front wheel drive version which sells well in warmer states where some buyers don't know that all wheel drive has many benefits beyond winter traction).
Subaru's driver assistance suite, Eyesight, is recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as the best of any brand.

Standard Features on both cars:
  • Rear vision camera
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • Power windows, locks, mirrors
  • 3 year, 36,000 mile comprehensive warranty; 5/60 powertrain
  • 1,500 pound towing capacity
Standard Safety on both cars:
  • Vehicle stability control to avoid skids; 
  • Brake override system;
  • Anti-lock brakes with brake assist; 
  • Learn all about how these safety features work.

Dimensions are similar:
  • CR-V is two inches wider.
  • Forester is one inches longer.
  • Forester is two inches taller.

(with Honda Sensing)
 Forester Premium
with Eyesight

All Wheel Drive System

Forester was built from the ground up with all wheel drive; Honda started with a front driver and bolted some extra hardware later.  More sophisticated Subaru system responds more quickly to a loss of traction.


All wheel drive optional. 

Ground clearance

Subaru engineers keep mass low for good handling, but clearance high for better performance in the snow and off road. 

8.2 inches

8.7 inches

Cargo Space

CR-V has a little more volume. However, Forester is about two inches taller so it's better for big pets.  Dog costs extraMeet Blue, our Greeter.

 76 cubic feet (seats down)
39 cubic feet (seats up)


76 cubic feet (seats down)
35 cubic feet (seats up)

Passenger Volume

Both are surprisingly roomy for people. 

103 cubic feet


108 cubic feet

Standard Engine
Turbo mill in the Honda performs well for a small engine but generates a lot of noise working so hard to move the Honda's weight around. 


1.5 liter turbocharged in-line four
cylinder with
190 horsepower

2.5 liter four cylinder
Boxer engine
 with 182 horsepower

Fuel Economy

Continuously variable
auto transmission

AWD: 27 city, 33 hwy

Lineartronic continuously variable
auto transmission

AWD: 26 city, 33 hwy


Outward Visibility

Forester boasts wider, taller rear windows.  Forester's extra front partition window expands front visibility, especially for shorter drivers.  Forester was ranked first among all cars in outward visibility.



Forester has larger panoramic moonroof that is shaped like a square, where CR-V has a narrower roof shaped like a rectangle. 



Purchase and Ownership Experience

You can buy a new Subaru at Planet, but not a new Honda.


Forester is a little less expensive, and includes standard luxury features such as a panoramic moonroof. 



Forester models
and prices

Optional Driver-Assistive Technologies
Both offer their own versions of pre-collision warning and braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning. The safety suites also include additional features.

Honda Sensing

Safety Tests
CR-V has six airbags, Forester, seven. Click links for test results.

CR-V test results

 Forester test results

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