New Subarus are among the safest cars on the road, at any price.

This page will help you understand vehicle safety comprehensively and show you why you'll have peace of mind in a Subaru vehicle.  Subaru designs light and nimble vehicles that avoid accidents but also protect passengers exceptionally well in serious crashes.

This is a B-Pillar from a Subaru.  (The B-Pillar is the column between the front and rear doors that runs from the floorpan to the roof).  That middle rod is made of boron, an exotic high strength steel that sounds like it was named after a superhero's birth planet.  Even if you're not an engineer or a metallurgist, you can tell just by looking that this is a VERY strong column. 

Six minute Subaru Safety Overview video

Superior Passive Safety Technologies

Passive safety:

  • Vehicle systems that protect you in an accident.
Advanced Airbags standard
  • Every Subaru has a minimum of six airbags standard:  front, side, and curtain.  In addition, some Subaru's have a driver knee airbag or two seat cushion airbags. Your Subaru can even vary of the amount of force used to deploy the airbags. Learn more about Subaru airbags and safety tips.

This Planet Subaru Lunar Car, a brand new Outback, was rolled over in an accident.  You can see the deflated side curtain airbags hanging down.

Ring Shaped Body Structure
  • Your gold wedding ring is relatively light, thin, and soft, but doesn't bend when you squeeze it, because that squeezing energy gets dissipated around the circle.  Your Subaru moves crash energy around the frame of the car using the same principle.


Rear Door Engagement Pins standard on most models

  • Subaru's feature this pin on the rear door that locks in with a receiver in the door frame, creating an impact-resistant barrier across the width of the door.  

Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners standard

  • Your Subaru can remove the loose slack from your seatbelt in the first milliseconds of an impact to limit motion of your body inside the passenger compartment.  

"Collapsing" Boxer Engine standard

  • The low, flat, Subaru Boxer  engine is designed to collapse underneath the passenger compartment in a catastrophic front impact, rather than crushing you.  

Superior Active Safety Technologies
  • Active safety:  vehicle systems that prevent an accident from ever happening.  

Symmetrical All wheel drive standard  (except BRZ).

Boxer Engine standard

Superheroic Outward Visibility standard

  • Who needs X-ray vision when there's glass in the places where other automakers block your view?  

X-Mode System optional

Vehicle Dynamics Control standard

Anti-Lock Brakes standard

  • ABS keeps your wheels spinning during braking so your can slow down without sliding and you can apply maximum brake pressure without fear of locking up the wheels.  

Subaru Brake Assist

  • Research shows that drivers do not always apply all the pressure on the brake pedal that they should before an imminent collision, so your Subaru will do it for you.  


Override System standard
  • BOS prevents unintended acceleration.  If you press the gas pedal and the brake pedal at the same time, your Subaru will cut engine power so the brake pedal will win the contest. 

Optional Subaru EyeSight
  • Optional on certain Subaru models, this proprietary technology uses stereo cameras (mounted near the inside mirror) and sophisticated object recognition software to warn you about dangerous situations and even respond before you do.
  • Learn more about Eyesight.


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