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Honda HR-V



The HR-V slots right under the Honda CR-V in price and size, just as the Subaru Crosstrek takes up a little less space in your garage and budget than does the Subaru Forester

Crosstrek sprang to life from the "compact" Impreza compact platform, and HR-V from the "sub-compact" Fit platform, so the Crosstrek has slightly more power, cargo space, interior room, and cost.  HR-V is a late-comer to the mini-ute segment, capitalizing on a major shift in the auto industry toward crossover vehicles that have the economy of a car but the utility of a truck.   

Crosstrek comes standard with Subaru's legendary Symmetrical All Wheel Drive; Honda offers HR-V in both front drive and all wheel drive. Comparably equipped, they cost almost the exact same, around $24,000 for the mid-level models compared here.  See Crosstrek pricing and models here.

Crosstrek offers smoother ride, less cabin noise, and more comfortable accommodations for front seaters.  Despite the seven inches HR-V gives up to Crosstrek in length, the Honda offers a plenty of room in the rear seat and cargo area that you configure in a variety of different ways.  





All Wheel Drive System

Crosstrek was built from the ground up with all wheel drive; Honda started with a front driver and bolted some extra hardware later.  More sophisticated Subaru system responds more quickly to a loss of traction.

All wheel drive optional. 
Ride Quality
Crosstrek offers a cushier ride because it has more "travel" up and down over bumps.  "Travel" is just a fancy way of saying that there is more space for the suspension to compress, which results in a more compliant ride. 

There's more "dead cat
space" between the top of the
tire and the bottom of the
wheel well.  (That's the
technical industry term,
believe it or not.)


Don't worry, we really
love cats.


Key Dimensions

Ground clearance. 
HR-V does well considering its petite size, but almost 9" in Crosstrek can get you past snow and obstacles that would waylay a mortal vehicle.

HR-V is a dream for tight Boston parking decks, but Crosstrek's seven extra inches offer much more comfort and utility.



63.6" 63.2"
Cargo space, seats in place

20.8 cubic feet
24.3 cubic feet (FWD)
23.2 cubic feet (AWD)

Driver Assistive Technology

Both Honda and Subaru offer suites of optional technologies to help you drive more safely, even including automatic braking if you're distracted.  These features are optional on the Crosstrek, but to get a full function system like Subaru's Eyesight, you'll need to choose the more expensive Honda CR-V.




This system is available
on CR-V, but not HR-V.  However, on the HR-V you can tick the option box for "Lane Watch," which is a blind spot camera that shows a side view in the infotainment screen.

Standard Engine and Fuel Economy
Crosstrek is also available with
hybrid powertrain or an optional 2.5 liter engine on the Sport and Limited models that returns 26 city, 34 highway. 

Honda offers HR-V Hybrid in Japan but not in the US.

Curiously, the small HR-V gas tank is mounted under the front seats, adding a little cargo space in the hatch area but limiting range.

2.0 liter four cylinder
Boxer engine with
152 horsepower

Continuously variable
auto transmission: 
26 city, 33 highway

Fuel tank:  15.9 gallons

1.8 liter four cylinder
in-line engine with
138 horsepower

Continuously variable
auto transmission:

27 city, 31 highway

Fuel tank: 13.2 gallons

Outward Visibility
On the HR-V, notice how the side windows taper to a point where the door handle is integrated in the window frame, and how rear glass is quite narrow.  Crosstrek has glass where HR-V has steel and plastic.  Both offer standard back up cameras.


Both Crosstrek and HR-V have the six airbags listed below, and Crosstrek offers one more. 
  • Two front airbags (deploy from the steering wheel or dashboard);
  • Two airbags (deploy from the edge of the seats);
  • Two curtain airbags, (deploy downward from the roof protecting all four outboard occupants).

To protect driver's legs
and limit "submarining" (sliding
out from under the seatbelt),
Subaru installs a seventh
airbag below the steering

Six airbags

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