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Good lookin'


Extra window gives great visibility.

High seating position to see ahead.

Luxury for a value price.
This is nicer than Lady Gaga's limo. 
Optional panoramic moonroof.


Optional Power Liftgate with
memory height.
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Best Subaru for your dog (not included)
Cavernous cargo space with seats down.

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Planet-exclusive Forester videos

Note:  these videos cover the 2017 model but the 2018 model on sale now is substantially the same.

The video below shows a 2017 model, but is accurate for the 2018 model too...

Forester in One Sentence:
Go for the Forester if you want utility and all-weather prowess of a sport utility vehicle without the sacrifices in cost, fuel economy, ride, and poor outward visibility.


Forester is considered a "compact sport utility vehicle."  It shares a "platform" with the Impreza and Crosstrek.  (A platform is the chassis----the frame, or basic underpinnings of a car.)  It is taller than an Impreza and has more ground clearance.  It has more interior room than the Impreza because of the extra height.  It comes in several trim levels, from well equipped to ridiculously well equipped.  It is also available with a turbocharged engine. 

They are priced from the mid $20's to the low $30's.

What's new for 2019?
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  • Watch a Forester pulling out of a glacier.
  • Learn about the Forester's class-leading safety performance.
  • See our humanely-treated free-range Foresters.
  • Peruse a fancy dynamic Forester Brochure. 
  • Read about how Forester is one of top ten cars for shorter drivers
  • See Forester's number one outward visibility ranking

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2018 Colors

Foresters through the years:   

2014 through 2018

Slightly larger inside and out than the generation it replaces, Subaru literally cannot build enough to satisfy demand as their factories are running extra shifts.  Introducing a continuously variable transmission lifted fuel economy to 32 mpg from 27.  Other new features include the Eyesight driver assistance system, power tailgate, and X-Mode traction control.  It's our best-looking Forester ever, and outward visibility remains tops in the industry.  

2009 through 2013

Prior Foresters felt a little cramped, but sales took off with this larger Forester, bigger than its predecessor in every dimension. 
Subaru poured on the technology, with standard Vehicle Dynamics Control and six airbags.  Optional equipment included touchscreen navigation and Bluetooth.

2003 through 2008

Size remained the same, but Subaru modernized everything.  Side air bags became standard on every model, the interior moved upscale, ride quality improved, and appearance moved from utilitarian to stylish. 

1998 through 2002

Subaru created the Forester on the Impreza platform, installing a square body and bigger engine.  Along with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V (both introduced in 1997), Subaru pioneered the "Small Crossover" segment.  It combined the  ride height, style, and versatility of a truck-based SUV without the poor fuel economy and sloppy handling.

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