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What's New? 

Premium Model
Canine Model visible in back up camera.



This page compares the 2015 Forester with the 2014 Forester. 

Compare current Forester (2014+) with previous generation (2009 to 2013).

Executive Summary

The 2015 Foresters are on sale now at Planet!  You can also order a 2015 Subaru Forester from Planet Subaru now. 

Don't expect huge changes from last year's model.  Subaru introduced an all-new Forester for the 2014 model year, and Subaru only made minor changes in this second model year.  Dimensions, sheet metal, and most specifications are identical.  Learn more about this new generation of Foresters first produced in the 2014 model year.

Subaru typically introduces the all-new model of a car on a five year product cycle.  After the third year, Subaru usually gives the car a visual "facelift" and updates some mechanicals; changes often include revised headlights, taillights, fog lights, front bumper cover, speedometer cluster, suspension adjustments, and maybe some engine tweaks. 
Subaru and other manufacturers would love to offer an all-new car every year but this overkill would drive up the cost of the vehicles significantly.  

Annually, Subaru makes very minor updates.  These include new upholstery patterns, new exterior colors, audio/connectivity upgrades, and the introduction or deletion of option packages.  Subaru makes very modest annual price increases, usually only $200 or $300...which is less than the rate of inflation. 

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Changes to Forester: 2015 vs 2014

Back up Camera now standard on all Foresters.

On 2014 models, all Foresters had a back up camera except the base model.

The federal government has been working on rules requiring all cars to have rear vision cameras.  Subaru is getting ahead of the regulations.  Also, rear vision cameras are standard on Forester's two biggest competitors,  RAV4 and CR-V.  With its outstanding visibility, Forester hardly needs the camera but it's nice to have.   

Subaru Eyesight now offered on more Forester models. 
On 2014 models, Subaru offered its acclaimed driver assistance system only on the most expensive Forester, the Touring model.  On 2015 Forester, you can get it on the Limited and Premium models too.  Subaru is reducing price from $1,295 to $795. 
2015 Forester models and prices.

Current generation
Eyesight cameras.

When Subaru first introduced Eyesight on Outback and Legacy for 2013, it was available only on "Limited" models.  For 2014, Subaru added availability to the mid-level "Premium" models of Outback and Legacy.  Subaru typically introduces new technology on the higher-priced models and increases availability in subsequent years.  On 2015 Forester, Eyesight only adds $795, which is a steal for all the capability.  This is the best $795 you could's a safety feature you shouldn't live without.

2015 Forester keeps current generation Eyesight.

2015 Outback and Legacy offer next generation, which includes many enhancements, including smaller color cameras and radar technology.  

Next generation Eyesight cameras.

Subaru will not offer the next generation Eyesight or its companion system, Blind Spot Detection/Lane Change Assist, until the 2017 model year. 

Standard Engine and Fuel Economy remain unchanged.
2.5 liter four cylinder
Boxer engine with 170 horsepower

Continuously variable
automatic transmission:

24 city, 32 highway

Six-speed manual:
22 city, 29 highway

No substantial changes were announced.

Manual transmission continues on Premium model, but gains the panoramic moonroof as standard equipment. 
Curiously, on current Forester, Subaru offered the manual transmission on the mid-level Premium model but didn't offer the panoramic sunroof that was standard on the automatic.

Manual transmissions sell in small quantities compared to their automatic brethren, and Subaru has been moving to simplify the number of ways it builds cars that sell in smaller numbers. 

Trim Levels

Forester retains current model structure:  Base, Premium, Limited, Touring.  Appearance of Base model benefits from the additional of an optional alloy wheel package which replaces the plain steel wheels and adds roof rails for more rugged looks and greater utility.

Alloy wheel on Premium Model

High Luster Wheel on Touring

There will be small changes within the trims; for example, Touring previously had standard navigation but it will be optional on the 2015 Forester.  Also, Touring model gets the first-ever-on-a-Forester 18" inch "high luster" wheels.  Previously, 17" polished wheels were the largest and shiniest available.

Interior is the same.

We don't see any changes here.



It's just too expensive to change all these components (seats, dashboard, gauges, trim, etc) every year.  The five year product cycle allows Subaru to focus its development dollars on one great interior instead of five slightly different ones that are only mediocre.

Oil Change Interval becomes 6,000 miles for 2015 Forester.
Current oil change interval is 7,500.  See current maintenance page.

All 2015 Subaru models require service every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.


Base price increases only $225. 
See 2015 Pricing and previous pricing.

t's remarkable that Subaru can continue, year after year, to include more and more equipment with price increases that don't even match inflation.  It's a testament to Subaru's ever-increasing productivity.

2015 Colors

Satin White Pearl

Venetian Red Pearl
Dark Grey Metallic

Ice Silver Metallic

Quartz Blue Pearl

Jasmine Green Metallic

Crystal Black Silica

Burnished Bronze Metallic


Subaru made big changes when it introduced the current Forester generation as a 2014 model.  Compare last generation to current generation.

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Foresters through the years:



Slightly larger inside and out than the generation it replaces, Subaru literally cannot build enough to satisfy demand as their factories are running extra shifts.  Introducing a continuously variable transmission lifted fuel economy to 32 mpg from 27.  Other new features include the Eyesight driver assistance system, power tailgate, and X-Mode traction control.  It's our best-looking Forester ever, and outward visibility remains tops in the industry.  

2009 through 2013

Prior Foresters felt a little cramped, but sales took off with this larger Forester, bigger than its predecessor in every dimension. 
Subaru poured on the technology, with standard Vehicle Dynamics Control and six airbags.  Optional equipment included touchscreen navigation and Bluetooth.

2003 through 2008

Size remained the same, but Subaru modernized everything.  Side air bags became standard on every model, the interior moved upscale, ride quality improved, and appearance moved from utilitarian to stylish. 

1998 through 2002

Subaru created the Forester on the Impreza platform, installing a square body and bigger engine.  Along with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V (both introduced in 1997), Subaru pioneered the "Small Crossover" segment.  It combined the  ride height, style, and versatility of a truck-based SUV without the poor fuel economy and sloppy handling.

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