Since 2013, goats and sheep help landscape our facility, part of our efforts to minimize our environmental impact in ways small and large, from organic lawn care all the way to solar power





 They still use a shepherd's staff.

We sweep a lot.





Same area after a few days...

One Minute Video with some "bahhhhh"

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Why goats?
They munch through overgrown areas, and even tame our epic infestation of poison ivy, because, who knew, they aren't allergic.  And they're super cute.  It's like a petting zoo out there when they're working. 

Why sheep?
They mow our lawns without using a gasoline mower, which is another step on our journey to earth-friendly nirvana.  We have designed our landscaping to require a minimum of maintenance expense (to keep costs low) and zero fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides (to keep that crap out of the environment).  We don't waste water sprinkling our grass, either, because we planted hardy vegetation. 

Do you own the animals? 
No.  We know a lot of selling and servicing Subaru vehicles, but very little about sheep and goats.  The Goatscaping Company, a South Shore farming collaborative, brings the animals to Planet. 

What about the poop?
We have a lot of natural area on our property, so we're already used to lots of poop...wild turkey poop, coyote poop, osprey poop, poop we can't even identify.  It composts itself very quickly. 


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"Loved the solar power and trustworthy salespeople.  Didn't feel pressured at all."  --Lara C., Boston, MA