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Dad's Outback from Planet keeps going.  Childhood does not.  Pictured are brothers Evan and Lucas Whitemyer, on their "first day of school" together many years ago, and their last "first day of school" together.   

Note: the video below covers the 2018 model but the 2019 model is identical.

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Outback in One Sentence:
Outback is Subaru's midsize crossover sport utility vehicle (a little bigger than a Forester and a little smaller than an Ascent), and arguably the best performing Subaru in the snow.

Outback is considered a "crossover vehicle," because it has the room and capability of a traditional sport ute but it is based on a car chassis (instead of a truck frame). It is built on a longer and wider platform than the Impreza and Forester, though the Forester is slightly taller.  Outback comes standard with Subaru's Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission
, which earns it remarkable fuel economy (33 mph highway). It is also available with a 3.6 liter six cylinder engine. 

They are priced from the mid $20's to the low $30's.

What's new for 2019?
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  • Review Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test results
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Outbacks through the years:

Originally introduced in 1995, the first Outback was basically just a Legacy wagon with two-tone paint and a little cosmetic differentiation.  In 1996, Subaru produced the Outback that you would recognize today, with aggressive cladding, raised suspension, and bigger engine.  1997 saw the first Outback Sedan, a vehicle unlike anything sold at the time.  It was available all the way through 2007.  Subaru assembles every Outback in Lafayette, Indiana. 


This latest generation is slightly larger in every dimension, and the upscale interior abounds with technology and infotainment functions.  Airbag count rises to eight with the addition of seat cushion airbags that deploy from the flat part of the seat to hold front occupants in place during an accident.


2010 through 2014

Sales went through the roof with the introduction of a larger Outback, close in size to traditional sport utility vehicles but a heckuva lot more economical and responsible.  Continuously variable transmission debuts and causes steroidal fuel economy gains.  Eyesight appears in 2013. 

2005 through 2009

In 2005, we welcomed a quieter, more upscale Outback, even though the size remained pretty much the same.  Six airbags were standard.  Subaru offered a turbocharged XT model only on this generation. 

2000 through 2004

This generation ironed out the wrinkles in the previous version, especially in the interior, formerly an expanse of hard plastic and curious ergonomics.  Hood scoop from the Techno-Brutal era of Japanese auto styling goes away and no one misses it.  First optional six cylinder arrived in 2001, along with Vehicle Dynamics Control.

through 1999

Arguably, Subaru created the "crossover" segment by building a car with the sport utility capabilities of a truck.  No wonder that "Subaru" comes quickly to mind when people think rugged, practical, and economical.  This was a functional car, but not a pretty one.  Dual sunroof model, also known as the "Double Bubble," appears in 1998. 


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