Subaru installs a minimum of six airbags in every vehicle, as many as seven.  An airbag is like a canvass balloon that inflates upon the detonation of a small explosive.   Your Subaru will deploy different airbags based upon the nature and severity of the crash.  For example, your Subaru knows how far back you and your passenger are sitting from the dash, and will moderate the force of the airbag deployment accordingly.   

Follow these tips:

1.  Wear your seatbelt
Airbags were originally designed in the 1970's for the purpose of restraining unbelted passengers.  Now, however, they are designed to work in concert with your seatbelt worn comfortably snug, and low around your waist.

2.  Sit back as far as you comfortably can.
Airbags inflate in time increments measured in micro-seconds, literally faster than you can blink your eyes. 
Sit at least ten inches away from the steering wheel.  The telescoping steering wheel function available on recent Subaru's will make this easy, even if you have short limbs.

3.  Place your hands lower rather than higher.
Your hands high on the wheel (at "10 and 2" or higher) are more likely to hit you in the face than hands placed at "9 and 3."  

4.  Tilt your wheel lower rather than higher. 
An airbag hitting you in the chest will better restrain you, and hurt a heck of a lot less than one hitting you square in the face.    

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