Six quick tips to save on repairs and save on gas:

1.  Junk in your trunk is not a good thing, at least not when it comes to fuel economy.   Every hundred extra pounds you carry diminishes fuel economy by 2%.  Judging by the stuff we see in trade-ins, it's mostly crap in there anyway.  (True story, we once found a belt of NATO 5.56-caliber machine gun ammunition in the trunk of a Legacy.  While we can imagine situations where you might use this, such scenarios don't involve an old Subaru).

2.  Don't idle longer than 60 seconds.  After just a few seconds, idling uses more gas than stopping and restarting.  In fact, more and more vehicles are coming with equipment that does this for you at stoplights. 

3.  If you see a tanker at a gas station, fill up tomorrow or at another station.  Tankers can circulate sediment that will clog your fuel system.

4.  Check your tire pressure monthly.  You'll improve your fuel economy and spot damage that might eventually cause a dangerous blowout.  Or, buy any new Subaru at Planet which will check your tire pressures automatically every 15 seconds.

5.  Stop fueling at the first click of the pump.  Extra gas just spills and fouls the carbon system that collects vapors.  And tighten your cap til it clicks.  A loose cap allows your expensive gas to evaporate away, and it can trigger a check engine light. 

6.  Use the correct octane of gas.  Unless your fuel cap instructs you to use premium gas, then you should use 87 octane.  It's less expensive and your car will run better because it was engineered to run optimally on that octane. 

7.  Use cruise control.  Steady cruising can improve fuel economy by up to 10%.  Plus, you're less likely to get a speeding ticket.  Unless you set your cruise at 90.

8.  Here's the sales pitch.  Replace your old clunker with a fuel-efficient Subaru! 
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