We asked the team about what makes them happy to come to work. 

  • "Seeing our Greeter, Blue, conk out cold after a strenuous day of making new friends."  --Dale Lathrop (General Manager)

  • "Admiring the innocence of children wandering around the glass showroom trying to figure out how we get the cars inside."  --Bonface Thuo (Master Technician)

  • "Knowing that for every cranky customer there are a hundred who appreciate the oasis we've created in Hanover."  --Matt Ryan (Service Director)

  • "Coming to the rescue of vacationing travelers from another state to get their ailing Subaru back on the road quickly and safely."  --Andy Ryan (Assistant Service Manager)

  • "Experiencing the gratitude of an older woman buying the first car in her life now that her husband isn't around to do that anymore."  --Lauri Blauuboer (Purchase Partner)

  • "Hearing that a Subaru saved a person's life and seeing him back to buy another just like it."  --Travis Stewart (Controller, and founding team member from Planet Day One--October 2nd, 1998)

  • "Being a part of an organization that honors its responsibilities to the community by investing in causes that make the world a better place."  --Max Youmans (Parts Advisor)

  • "Watching our electric meter run backwards on sunny days because our large rooftop solar installation generates so much pollution-free power."  --James Greene (Sales Operations Manager)

  • "Watching the team (that I've worked so hard to attract and retain) consistently deliver on the Planet promise to provide an experience better than the typical dealership."  --Jeff Morrill (President, and founding team member from Planet Day One--October 2nd, 1998)

  • "Showing guests how to use the fancy coffee machine, knowing that after their morning jolt the wait for their car to be serviced will seem a little faster."  --Debbie Laudermilk (Assistant Controller)

  • "When someone walks into Planet for the first time after having a bad experience elsewhere, and seeing the transition from anxiety to enjoyment as they get to know me.  It happens a lot and I never tire of evolving from 'car salesman' to 'friend'."  --Bob Choate (Sales Manager)

  • "Fixing a car that no other dealership could figure out how to fix".  --Anthony Ciulli (Shop Foreman, and founding team member from Planet Day One--October 2nd, 1998)

  • "Seeing the nuns of the Society of St. Margaret when they're in for service and being blessed by their serenity, warmth, and good cheer."  --Nate Roman (General Sales Manager)

  • "Seeing a professional we've attracted from outside the car business sell his or her first car and discover a new talent."  --David Spellman (Business Manager)

  • "Saving for my son's college education with money I earn servicing cars."  --Steve Merrill (Master Technician)

  • "Going above and beyond a customer's expectations and then they take time out of their busy schedule to write a letter expressing their appreciation and gratitude."  --Steve Crosby (Parts Manager, and founding team member from Planet Day One--October 2nd, 1998)

  • "Wowing customers with great customer service.  Once, one of our customers broke down in Virginia on a Friday afternoon and the garage couldn't get him a new alternator until Monday.  I overnighted one to him; he was on his way by noon Saturday."  --Rob Webster (Parts Advisor)

  • "I love seeing my customers so excited about picking up their new car.  One, Carol, smiled ear-to-ear when she picked up her new Impreza.  Her son had worked to save for her down payment---he wanted to help his mom buy her first brand new car.  It was great being a part of that."  --David Gardner (Purchase Partner)

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The team at Planet loves working with Subaru buyers from Cambridge, Braintree, Quincy, Watertown, South Shore, and Boston.