"What are the differences between
 Subaru Crosstrek and Dodge Ram Plowtruck?

Are you pulling my leg? 
This comparison is a bit of a segment buster. 

Did you know that Planet Subaru has a sister store in Franklin, Massachusetts named  Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
?  It shares "your undealership" philosophy.  When we needed a new plow truck to replace our rusting Ford, of course we bought the best plow truck on the market, a heavy-duty Dodge Ram 2500.  And we thought comparing them might be fun. 


  • They're both orange;
  • And, well, that's about all they have in common


Crosstrek offers the utility and all-weather prowess of a sport utility vehicle without the sacrifices in cost, fuel economy, and ride.  Plowtruck is a piece of finely-crafted construction equipment that we use for plowing our eleven-acre facility in the winter and delivering really big autobody parts the rest of the year. 

Four Minute Summary Video


Which one is wider?
You be the judge.  

Plowtruck won't fit in any normal garage.  Trust me, we've tried it


Believe it or not, the camera is level with the truck bed.  Good thing Crosstrek has roof rails or you wouldn't even be able to see it.  






Ride Quality

Crosstrek wins this one.
Plowtruck has more suspension travel, but it rides like a work truck.

There's less "dead cat
space" between the top of the
tire and the bottom of the
wheel well.  (That's the technical
industry term, believe it
or not.)

Even though we hired a
 dog as our greeter,
we really do
love cats.

Including the plow, Plowtruck is about $15,000 more. 


Image Perception

If you want to impress your neighbor who works for the highway department, Plowtruck wins.  But the Crosstrek comes free with a driving dog!  (Just kidding.  That's our Greeter, Blue



Standard Engine

Plowtruck engine is almost three times as large!

 2.0 liter, four cylinder boxer engine  mated with
continuously variable
automatic transmission

 5.7 liter, V8 mated with
five-speed automatic

Fuel Economy
Crosstrek wins.  "Economy" is generally not a word associated with the fuel consumption of a 5.7 liter Hemi V8, but in its defense, you can pull stumps with it.  For a vehicle that weighs three tons and has the aerodynamics of a shoe box, 19 mpg ain't bad. 

26 city, 34 highway

Fuel tank:  15.9 gallons

14 city, 19 highway

Fuel tank:  35.0 gallons. 
It only costs abo
ut $140 to fill it. 

Plowtruck wins, "barely." 



Ground clearance

Crosstrek wins, believe it or not.  Subaru packages things very efficiently down there. 

8.7 inches

7.8 inches

Vehicle Weight

We'll give this category to Plowtruck. 

3164 pounds

6050 pounds 

In case you're doing
 the math, that's three tons. 

argo space
Blue prefers Plowtruck, because what dog doesn't love riding around in the back of a pick-up?


Towing Capacity

Plowtruck narrowly ekes out another victory in this category.

1500 pounds

(small trailer)

8800 pounds

(small house)

Exclusive Planet Videos

Scott's Three
Favorite Things about the
Subaru XV Crosstrek

All we have is plow footage.  We'll spare you.  It's pretty boring. 

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