2016 BRZ...this color will have late availability and only on the Series.Hyperblue special edition of 2016 BRZ and 2016 STi

The Series.HyperBlue BRZ cabin features an exclusive design scheme. Only 500 will be built.  The leather and Alcantara upholstery includes Hyper blue leather seat bolsters and head restraints. Blue stitching accents the seats and the blue and black leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well as the shift lever boot and leather-wrapped parking brake handle. The blue motif carries to the center console kneepads and door trim, accented by an embroidered silver BRZ logo on the front seatbacks. Carpeted floor mats also pick up the BRZ logo and blue stitching.

The exterior continues the Series.HyperBlue theme with 17-inch black alloy wheels, black glossy badging and painted black finish exterior mirrors. A frameless day/night rear-view mirror and simulated carbon fiber center dash panel add a high-tech look, and the finishing touch is an illuminated engine start / stop button.

Executive Summary

We expect the 2016 BRZ to arrive at Planet in October of this year.  You can also order a 2016 Subaru BRZ from Planet Subaru

Not a lot of changes for 2016...rear vision camera is now standard across the line, as is a 6.2" Starlink touchscreen infotainment system.  Subaru decreased the pricing by $300 compared to last year.

Subaru has made it known that a next-generation BRZ will be coming, but has not announced when, and it won't be a 2016 model.  Along with the Scion FR-S (GT86), Subaru introduced the BRZ for the 2013 model year, and 2016 will be the fourth model year--too early for a new generation. 
Subaru typically introduces its high volume models (e.g. Forester and Outback) on a five-year product cycle.  Lower volume models can be six years, which would put an all-new BRZ arriving as a 2018 or 2019 model.  (The flagship industry publication, Automotive News, says an all-new BRZ is due for 2018). 

Along the way, Subaru will make small updates and at some point Subaru usually gives the car a visual "facelift" and updates some mechanicals.  These mid-cycle changes often include revised headlights, taillights, fog lights, front bumper cover, speedometer cluster, suspension adjustments, and maybe some minor engine tweaks. 

If you could power a car with rumors about what Subaru and Toyota will create next, the BRZ would go 300mph.  This is a very low volume car so it doesn't make sense for Subaru and Toyota to engineer multiple versions.   Other than the tongue-in-cheek composting BRZ that Planet already "built," we consider all of the following highly unlikely to ever appear on a BRZ: 
  • Convertible version
  • Hybrid powerplant
  • Sedan version

Subaru produced a BRZ STi concept with a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine.  Scroll down to read more about it.

In any event, don't expect huge changes from last year's model.  Annually, Subaru makes very minor updates.  These include new upholstery patterns, new exterior colors, audio/connectivity upgrades, and the introduction or deletion of option packages.  See what they did for the 2015 model.

Changes to BRZ: 2016

Subaru Eyesight on the 2016 BRZ.

Eyesight cameras.

When Subaru introduces new technologies, it usually offers them on its most expensive models. For example, Subaru offered its Vehicle Dynamics Control in 2001 only on the most expensive trim level of the Outback.  By 2009, it was standard on every Subaru.  Eyesight is going the same way, first introduced on the flagship Legacy and Outback models in 2013, then Forester in 2014, then Impreza in 2015, and WRX for 2016.  However, BRZ is a low-volume car, and we already know the BRZ will be the last model to get it.


BRZ will get new Subaru Starlink interface.

2013 through 2015 BRZ

2016 BRZ

Subaru is committed to staying competitive on infotainment technology.      

Rear Vision Camera becomes standard

BRZ was the last model to get a standard rear vision camera across the whole line up.

Standard engine and fuel economy remain unchanged on the 2016 BRZ.
2.0 liter four cylinder
Boxer engine with 200 horsepower

current model:

Six Speed Auto:

25 city, 34 highway

Six-speed manual:
22 city, 30 highway

Subaru produces these engines specifically for the BRZ/FR-S.  Because they don't have a lot of volume to spread the cost of changes, you won't see frequent revisions of this engine.  

New Colors

Just a couple changes from last year..."Lightning Red" turns into "Pure Red" and you can see the new-for-2016 Hyper Blue color in photos at the top of the page.  (STi also gets a Hyper Blue color option). 


2015 colors and interiors

Subaru almost always tinkers with a shade or two and often substitutes one color for another.  This keeps the car looking fresh without spending a lot of money. 

Will Subaru actually build a BRZ STi like this concept car?



Subaru's production models usually vary significantly from the concepts, but the existence of a concept car usually means we'll eventually see a production version.  But don't expect all the cool bits you see in the photos above...for example, the door handles are cool, but not practical enough to make it into production.  

Click below to read more about the concept car:
  • Concept showcases Subaru Tecnica International (STI) vehicle performance capabilities
  • Concept features enhancements for chassis, body, and air intake/exhaust systems
  • Concept's engine is based on the racing engine from the Subaru BRZ Super GT race car

The STI Performance Concept signifies a plan for U.S.-expansion of Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the performance division of Subaru, in its three core business areas; aftermarket parts, STI-tuned cars and motorsports.

The expansion has already begun, with STI-engineered parts replacing Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) aftermarket parts in the U.S. market, and with STI's increasing engineering presence in Subaru of America's Global RallyCross team.

In the future, further models tuned by STI will be available in the US. These cars could feature more extensive modifications from the factory than previously offered, such as suspension, performance, braking, chassis and aerodynamic upgrades.

"At STI we know from our racing that to win, it is important not only to have high power, but also that all aspects of performance are balanced over the whole car," said Yoshio Hirakawa, president of Subaru Tecnica International, Inc. "When we achieve this balance, the driver feels that the car is easy to handle and reliable, and he can use it fully to the limits of its performance. Our plan is to produce cars and accessories that drivers can really enjoy."

The STI Performance Concept is a showcase for the engineering prowess and tuning capability of STI, featuring the racing engine developed by STI for the BRZ Super GT racecar, suspension and chassis components and aerodynamic upgrades.

Complete cars (extensive tuning by STI) and performance parts available now in Japan focus on the WRX STI, Forester and BRZ models. The Japanese domestic market uses the nomenclature "S model" as its naming for the WRX STI and uses "tS" on BRZ and Forester vehicles that have STI components, but a naming convention for any future US models has not yet been established.

STI was founded as Subaru parent company Fuji Heavy Industries' motor sports division in 1988. In 1989, a first-generation Subaru Legacy, tuned by STI, broke the FIA-certified world speed record over 100,000 kilometers. From there, STI moved on to the World Rally Championship, winning 3 constructors championships and 3 driver championships for Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Petter Solberg. It currently competes in the Nurburgring 24 Hour Challenge race winning its class two times in 2011 and 2012 and also in the Super GT series with its BRZ-based Super GT.

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