Changes to the 2016 Subaru Impreza:  

Sport and Sedan

Impreza interior (Limited model with optional navigation)


The 2016 Subaru Impreza is on sale now at Planet. 

Subaru typically engineers its cars on a five-year product cycle.  (There are exceptions, however:  the last Impreza cycle was four years, from 2008 through 2011, and the WRX went seven years, from 2008 through 2014). 

The 2016 Impreza represents the final year of this product cycle, and we don't expect many changes, because:

  • Subaru just undertook its "mid-cycle refresh" (on the 2015 Impreza) when Subaru typically updates a car for the fourth and fifth year of the five-year product cycle. 
  • At this point in the cycle, Subaru is investing its engineering resources in designing an all new 2017 Impreza, which we expect to see in late 2016. 

Impreza Review: 2016


Subaru upgrades Starlink infotainment capabilities

With new AT&T 4G LTE capability, Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services will provide:
  • Stolen vehicle recovery,
  • Automatic collision notification,
  • Remote vehicle services such as lock/unlock via smartphone
  • Monthly vehicle health reports.

2016 Impreza keeps current generation Eyesight.

2015 and later Outback and Legacy offer the next generation, which includes many enhancements, including smaller color cameras and radar technology.  

Eyesight cameras.

We expect Subaru to offer the next generation Eyesight and its companion system, Blind Spot Detection/Lane Change Assist, on the all-new 2017 model year Impreza. 

Fuel economy remains the same. 
Last year, Impreza obtained an extra one mile per gallon on Sedan and Hatchback with automatic transmission.

Pictured right:  2.0 Liter Boxer four cylinder with 148 hor
sepower. Impreza is already the most fuel-efficient all wheel drive vehicle sold in America. 


Sedan and Hatchback:

Continuously variable
automatic transmission:
28 city, 37 highway

5 Speed manual
25 city, 34 highway

Impreza Sport:

Continuously variable
automatic transmission:
27 city, 36 highway

5 Speed manual
25 city, 34 highway

During a mid-cycle refresh, undertaken on last year's model, Subaru will often make minor changes such as reprogramming the software to wring out a little incremental power and fuel economy.  These improvements are challenging, and not expected annually.  Subaru will not change the displacement or make any major hardware changes. 

Interior remains the same.
Last year, Subaru revised the interior with a modern touchscreen infotainment system.  It's financially prohibitive for a manufacturer to change its interior annually. 



Trim levels remain the same. 

In ascending price order:  2.0i, 2.0i Premium, and 2.0i Limited.


Pricing increases by $100 to $300 depending on model.
See current models and pricing.


t's remarkable that Subaru can continue, year after year, to include more and more equipment with price increases that don't even match inflation. 

2016 Impreza Colors

Crystal White Silica

Dark Grey Metallic
Venetian Red Pearl

Ice Silver Metallic

Quartz Blue Pearl

Crystal Black Silica

Jasmine Green Metallic

Dark Blue Pearl, new for 2016, replaced "Deep Sea Blue"

Imprezas through the years:

2012 through 2016

Fuel economy leaped into the high 30s on the highway with the introduction of a continuously variable transmission and state-of-the-art 2.0 liter engine.  Seventh airbag, to protect driver's knees, becomes standard.  Though it officially remains a compact car, this generation offers interior space we have traditionally expected from mid-size cars.

2008 through 2011

Sales took off with this larger Impreza, built on a compact version of the platform from the larger Legacy sedan.  S
ix airbags became standard. 

2002 through 2007

After nine years with only modest updates, we were ready for a modern Impreza.  2002 and 2003 models arrived with controversial round headlights, but Subaru moved to a more conventional front end in 2004 (the hatchback pictured to the left is a 2007 model).  New standard features included side airbags, 2.5 liter engine, and even a CD player(!).  Size remained very compact, but Subaru modernized everything.  Interior materials improved along with ride quality and appearance. 


1993 through 2001

Subaru introduced the Impreza in 1993 in your choice of coupe, sedan, and hatchback.  All models came with a 2.2 liter Boxer engine, with front wheel drive or all wheel drive.  With small updates, Subaru produced the same car for nine years, which is long time in an industry predisposed to five year product cycles.  Subaru introduced the sporty RS model in 1998, the spiritual ancestor of the legendary WRX that would appear in 2002.  The Outback Sport, forerunner of the Crosstrek, debuted in 1996.

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